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16 concepts about the Internet and digital marketing that will open your head

David Weinberger is an American lecturer known worldwide as the co-author of The CluetRain Manifesto (1999), originally a website , and later a kind of ” internet marketing manual .” Weinberger travels the world giving talks focusing on how the Internet is changing human relationships, communication, election campaigns, knowledge and society. These are some of the concepts that he offered in his passage for Macedonia Mobile Database the inauguration of the International Collective Intelligence Workshop for Democracy in Spain and in an interview for El Mundo ( “The Internet’s mistake was to think that freedom of expression was good” ), that if you are interested in the subject, surely you will know how to take advantage of it. Changes. “Information and entertainment were in few hands. Now, with the Internet, anyone can make themselves heard all over the world ”.
Hashtag. “With the Internet, someone very small can achieve something very big. Before it was impossible. An example of that is the history of hashtags itself. They were not invented by Twitter, a user did it during a conference ”. Macedonia Mobile Database

Liberty. “The mistake regarding the Internet was to think that freedom of expression was good, but we had never had the freedom of expression that we have now.” Cheated. “There are deficiencies in our brain such as confirmation biased . We have a freedom of expression that we never had but, at the same time, we know new mechanisms to distribute lies and we know how our brain can be better fooled ”. Solution? “I really don’t know how this is solved. I think we should try anything but there cannot be a single solution ”.
Handling. “Right now, a single agent, the Russians, can fill the Internet with bots to manipulate information. It is a reality that there are people who, for political or economic reasons, work with the intention of subverting the will of the people ”.

Danger. “A few very cunning hackers can endanger a democracy like the United States. And they are doing quite well ”. There is hope. “The Internet has already shown that it is capable of ending apparently unsolvable problems, as it did with spam, which 15 years ago was destroying email.” Facebook. “The good thing, it has 2.3 billion users. Something must be doing right. The worst: its incentive to generate clicks gets in the way of its own origin as a social network ”. Twitter “The good thing about Twitter, it gave new rhetoric. A way of speaking Brother Cell Phone List in which anyone can speak and be heard. The worst: you have to deal with hate speech. It cannot continue to hide behind the fact that it is an open platform ”. Amazon. The best, your policy on product reviews. The worst: His aggressive behavior has put entire industries out of business ”. Netflix. “The best and worst thing about Netflix is ​​its content. There are great things, but there is also a lot of infumable content ”. Depressed optimism. “I am a depressed optimist about the Internet. When I see some Internet nightmares like harassment campaigns and racism, I find it depressing. “

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