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20 Most Used Programming Languages ​​in 2021

The five most famous programming languages these days are Java, C, Python, C ++, and #C consistent with the NIOBE index that changed into simply up to date in January 2021.One of the modifications that most attracts my interest is the return of the SQL programming language to French Email Lists the Top 10 of the list and the tremendous will increase of languages ​​consisting of Swift, Ruby, Delphi, Visual Basic and D.The NIOBE Index is prepared based totally on criteria or parameters, inclusive of the quantity of certified engineers in a sure language, the searches made inside the looked for the special programming languages, the call for for guides or the languages ​​which can be being more used.

The index does now not say which is the excellent, or in which programming language the most lines of code were written. Rather, it serves so that a programmer can decide if their information in a sure language has come to be obsolete, or if, on the contrary, their information is cutting-edge.

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1 What is a programming language?
2 Types of programming languages
3 History of programming languages
four What are the most popular programming languages ​​in 2021
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What is a programming language?
To define in a simple manner what a programming language is, I am going to outline each word; Language is a form or gadget of communique and programming is the system of writing the source code of a software or application.

According to Wikipedia, a programming language is a proper language that specifies a series of instructions for a laptop to supply various sorts of data.

If we take into account that the programming these days can affect exclusive styles of gadgets from computers, cellular gadgets inclusive of smartphones or capsules, televisions, fridges and different electronic gadgets, the truth is that the definition of Wikipedia is a piece outdated, specially within the gadgets to which it can be implemented.


Types of programming languages
There are three genuinely differentiated forms of languages; device language and coffee-stage and excessive-level languages.

1 The Machine Language: it’s far the programming language that the machine (computer) understands without delay. This programming language makes use of the binary alphabet, this is, 0 and 1.

2º Low-degree programming languages: They are a whole lot simpler to use than device language, however they depend plenty on the machine or pc as happened with machine language.

3º High-level programming languages. High-stage programming languages ​​are easier to research because natural language words or instructions are used, usually English. This is the case of BASIC, the most popular programming language.


Types of excessive-stage programming languages ​​consistent with the point of view of operating the programs and the philosophy in their advent:

Imperative language: amongst them we’ve got Cobol, Pascal, C and Ada.
Declarative language: Lisp and Prolog.
Object-oriented programming language: Smalltalk and C ++.
Problem-oriented language: these are unique languages ​​for management.
Natural programming language: those are the new languages ​​that seek to deliver the design and production of programs in the direction of the language of people.

Another classification of high-degree programming languages ​​is considering the development of computer systems according to their one-of-a-kind generations:

First-era programming language : gadget language and assembler.
Second-technology language : the first vital high-level programming languages ​​(FORTRAN, COBOL).
Third technology language : they may be programming languages ​​of high imperative degree but plenty more used and modern these days (ALGOL 8, PL / I, PASCAL, MODULA).
Fourth era language: utilized in database management and management packages (NATURAL, SQL).
Fifth generation language: created for synthetic intelligence and natural language processing (LISP, PROLOG).

History of programming languages
We are going to undergo the history of programming languages ​​a bit, for this we ought to move returned to the 50s.

Fortran (Formula Translation)
LISP (List Processor)
COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language)

Pascal (named after the French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal).
High level language. Used for coaching based programming and information structuring. Commercial variations of Pascal have been extensively used inside the Nineteen Eighties.

C (Based on a previous program referred to as “B”).
General-reason, low-level language. Created by Unix Systems. It is the maximum famous language (preceded via Java). Many languages ​​are derived from it, including C #, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, and Python.Considered the oldest languages ​​used these days. They are high-level languages ​​that had been created by way of scientists, mathematicians, and laptop marketers.  Perl (“Pearl” changed into already taken).
Python (after the British comedy organization Monty Python).
Ruby (The zodiac stone of one of the creators.)
Java (inspired through the cup of B2B Phone List 
espresso ate up at the same time as growing the language)
PHP (Formally: “Personal Home Page”, now it is for “Hypertext What are the maximum famous programming languages ​​in 2021

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