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4 outdated SEO tactics you shouldn’t use

Most companies (small, medium and even large) hardly understand what SEO really involves; what they know are merely statistical results with which they are bombarded at all times. “The first position in Google will give you almost 33 percent of clicks, 75 percent of users never go beyond the first page in search results, almost 80 percent of search Kuwait Mobile Database engines say they commonly choose to click on organic results ”is what firms often hear. The Jeff Bullas portal states that basically, all that is known is that a way must be found to get to the first page, without questions (apart from the one that refers to the price of SEO services). But what that agency actually does to get to the top is none of your business. Kuwait Mobile Database

And is that most of these companies use ethical practices to deliver their customers the desired results almost instantly, indicates the site. However, quick fixes and shortcuts do not do any good in the long run; on the contrary, they can bury your website in the rankings and even eliminate it permanently. It is not only due to unethical practices, but it is the old-fashioned ones that slowly but surely pass to the dark side, below we will tell you what they are. What this statement meant to link builders was that the world was coming to an end. Just when they thought they found a loophole in Google’s system, one of the main search engine people advertised that everyone who earns their backlinks through this method will be penalized.

Bullas points out that this does not mean that you should move on to creating quality content and releasing it to the online world, in the hope that someone will come across and link you; This algorithm change does not tie hands, Google focuses only on irrelevant and low-quality content that contains links that have nothing to do with the websites on which they are published. As a solution, it is proposed to B2B Phone List create unique and informative content that attracts wider audiences as well as provide answers to their queries. The result you will see is an increase in your traffic and more natural backlinks, which Google will reward with higher rankings. It is one of the main mantras of many SEOs since the beginning of digital marketing. The more websites you can pinpoint, the more valuable they will be in the eyes of Google. Despite the fact that this claim has been denied on multiple occasions, many continue to exchange and buy links, publishing them in comments, forums, among others.

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