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4 points to understand what the consumer wants exposed by a specialist

Jerónimo Espejo, Nike’s digital brand manager, participated in the first day of activities of the National Digital Marketing Congress and shared his experience with the event’s attendees. “As a foreign brand we make our content locally relevant to the consumer. This can be achieved thanks to the world of the Internet, where the barriers between brands and Argentina Mobile Database consumers are getting smaller and smaller ”, Jerónimo did not say. According to the specialist, digital marketing can take advantage of the qualities of the digital world and the analog world: “For people like me, who are part of the millennial generation, it becomes very natural to know this duality between the analog world and the digital world and this represents a creative opportunity ”. Argentina Mobile Database

One of the responsibilities of brands, moreover, is to listen to the consumer to be relevant from it. In Jerónimo’s presentation, four points stood out to understand what the consumer wants, it is an undeniable responsibility for brands and their marketing actions. The consumer wants an experience , which starts from the idea of ​​purchasing a product until after the purchase. You can start with the identification of the most loyal consumers to offer them experiences, through specialist talks, with explanations about the product and its benefits. “Surpise and deligth – to be amazed and enjoy – is part of the applicable philosophy at this point.
The consumer wants personalized products . Depending on age, socioeconomic level, tastes, etc., and its correct measurement through digital tools, it is possible to determine the characteristics of consumers and make it possible to approach consumer tastes. Phygital Experience -between digital and physical- is part of the concept proposed by the speaker.

The consumer wants to feel identified. Brands are forced to make their offer capable of generating identification. The consumer needs to feel close to the brands and to achieve this it is necessary to develop local strategies. The consumer wants a service. You have to know how to get to know the consumer in order to offer them services that they like and Brother Cell Phone List are useful for their needs. The customer likes to feel like a customer and that brands seek to make him feel good. “Think global, act local” and “Unstoppable together” are some examples of the campaigns run by Nike. “Showing an image with local flavor” is one of the ways that, according to Jerónimo, can generate a greater impact for brands, especially when it comes to brands of foreign origin “. “Juntas unstoppable was made to reactivate women. In a world that is sometimes half macho, so it was necessary to develop a campaign for a country like Mexico, which ranks second in obesity, it was very useful to develop a campaign of this nature ”Jerónimo confided to us.

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