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5 reasons to complement your messages with emojies

The forms of communication developed from the appearance of the Internet include graphic elements that are used to emphasize written messages and, sometimes, to replace them. Such is the case of emojis, as the small pictograms that we use today in digital communication are called to complement our messages and express ideas or emotions. The word Bahrain Mobile Database emoji comes from the Japanese ‘e’ which means ‘image’; and ‘moji’, which means ‘letter’ or ‘character’. These tiny 12 × 12 pixel symbols were first used in Japan in the 1990s to solve, among many other things, the complexity of their hard-to-use written language on a keyboard. Shigetaka Kurita created the first 176 emojis in 1999 for ntt Docomo , a Japanese mobile communication company. His inspiration was the manga — Japanese cartoon — where concepts are represented with a symbol, thus, love is represented through the heart emoji without having to write a letter. Bahrain Mobile Database

Emojis have reached a degree of interpretation proper to language. Like a word, they can have different meanings depending on the context. The combinations and interpretations in its use are endless. The Japanese origins of emojis do not imply that people give them the same meaning. It would be rare for someone from another country to use them for the same purpose as they do not belong to the Japanese culture or context with which they were originally made. So why is everyone using them? Although there is no single answer, one is that emojis are symbols that can be interpreted by each person as they please. The creator of the emojis himself said in an interview: “I don’t think there is a correct or incorrect use of the emoji. The use is free! ”

Therefore, people began to write complete sentences through these symbols. Faced with success, companies like Apple incorporated the famous pictograms into their devices and in a short time they were on cell phones and tablets around the world. Eugenia Skaf , from, summarizes the benefits of using emojis: They say much more “than a thousand words” in a single glance (immediate effect) They produce the same effect on people’s brains as a human face For all this, emojis can be great allies in terms of marketing and social networks As the famous Brother Cell Phone List phrase goes, “less is more”, and this applies perfectly to the way emojis work. As we said above, these images have the power to communicate a lot with little (a single glance is enough to incorporate a sense), and that is why they are so recommended in any Social Media strategy. The fact that emojis are easily identifiable images helps a lot to fix a meaning and transmit an emotion associated with said information. That is why if you want to convey a state of mind related to your brand, using emojis in your posts is the most recommended.

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