A chatbot can offer alternative products

Bas on the wishes of a customer. A virtual assistant can even write down an email address and send a notification when a certain product is back in stock. All in all, the workload of customer service employees will be significantly ruc by automating repetitive tasks. The importance of AI in the future Will AI really take over humanity and make decisions? If we are to believe Elon Musk and colleagues, the development of AI will have to stop for the time being . There is a chance that AI itself can spread fake news or even ensure that humanity can no longer disable AI. Back to the point: AI can make life a lot easier for a season webshop owner or marketer. More customer loyalty, higher ROI and more customer satisfaction.

That is what futurist Maurice Conti calls

AI it produces well-defin output Pharmacies Email List often bas on enormous amounts of data ( big data ). New applications are generative (Conti’s second phase): they create new things themselves, but only – and this is important – if they are prompt to do so by humans. They also always get their input from man-made content. There are already countless examples, of which, in addition to ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 (both from OpenAI, which is affiliat with Microsoft), Google’s Bard will soon be available in the Netherlands. Also read: 7 useful AI tools that enrich your content marketing.

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Most interesting from a business

Point of view are chatbots: algorithms that B2b Phone List statistically determine ( broadly speaking ) what the next (part of) word should be in a text , bas on existing content . They are bas on large language models f with enormous amounts of internet content. The latest versions of these bots generate amazingly good human language, as most of us must have tri by now. It seems that the chatbots have understanding and reasoning, but that is an illusion. Just in perspective Most experts seem to agree that current AI technology is fundamentally incapable of really thinking. This is ‘Artificial General Intelligence’ (AGI) and is also necessary for Conti’s third phase, intuitive AI, which must work together with people on an equal footing.

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