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A new typeface inspired by the Posidonia Oceánica is born

The creativity studio Posidonia Design has been commissioned to design this new typeface
The objective of “Posidonia” is to make visible the role that this plant has in the health of the Mediterranean

The Posidonia Oceánica is a marine plant characteristic of the Mediterranean Sea, which canada telephone number forms extensive green meadows that release oxygen into the atmosphere, provide shelter for numerous marine species, consolidate the seabed and slow down the erosion of the coast and beaches.

The Posidonia Oceánica is declining drastically
In short, it is an essential plant for the conservation of the Mediterranean.

However, the number of Posidonia is decreasing alarmingly due to sea pollution, trawling, the irresponsible practice of nautical sports and the construction of coastal works, dikes and other barriers that modify the sedimentation processes of the sea.

With the aim of making visible the importance of this plant for the health of the sea, and alarming society to take responsibility, the Alicante creativity studio Posidonia Design has designed a typeface collecting dried posidonia from the beaches and coasts, and composing all the letters and numbers with pieces of the stems and leaves.

The result of this particular “collection” has been the creation of the world’s first typeface based on this endemic Mediterranean plant, completely free to use. “We want to continue enjoying the Mediterranean for many years and for future generations to enjoy it,” says Luis Zaragoza, Co-founder of Posidonia Design.

The studio has created a landing page with all the campaign material, including a download
B2B Phone List link with the two typographic versions of “Posidonia”, as well as a user manual to guide the user through the installation.


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“And remember, when someone tells you that the beach” is dirty and full of algae “, correct him! They are not algae, it is an aquatic plant called Posidonia and its presence indicates that the sea is

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