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ADECEC warns about the possible violation of competition by EFE Comunica

The association considers that the irruption of the new agent enters into direct competition with the companies of the sector
The  Agency service offers communication advice, content dissemination and holding events find person by mobile number in uae At the beginning of last May, the Agency announced the launch of its own communication advisory service , generation and dissemination of content and organization and holding of events for institutions and companies, which has already begun to operate under the name  Communicate . The news alerted a large part of the communication consultancy sector who see in this new agent a possible violation of competition law.

The association considers that the services of  are in direct competition with the activities of the consulting firms
Association of Consulting Companies in Public Relations and Communication in its role as employer representative of the companies in the sector and in response to the concern expressed by numerous organizations and industry professionals, considers that the EFE Agency service is in competition Directly with the activities carried out by consultants for decades, whether or not they are members of the association.

As pointed FEE Communicates on its official website, has ” all the communicator power of the first platform generation and distribution of news content in Spanish to the service of institutions and companies . ” In addition, says it offers ” a broad impact thanks to the more than 1,800 national and international media subscribers to the services of Agency FEE, the world’s leading news agency in Spanish . ”Similarly, it highlights its“ extensive network of multidisciplinary professionals ”and its“ extensive experience in communication strategies and 360 solutions ”. The Fed criticizes the government’s management of public tenders for advertising Intercoms and media professionals commit to ethical communication
The maintains that the situation ” is worrying and surprising ” since the FEE Agency is a ” public entity, subsidized and at the service of all “, and which is assumed to be neutral in the dissemination of information to the national media and international associated with their services. ” As an employer, we consider that Spain has a very competitive and talented sector of communication consultants that generate value and employment and of which, in addition, an increasingly important percentage is made up of small companies “, they have pointed out from the association. ” We consider it our mission, today more than ever, to preserve this healthy and competitive market .”

In this sense, understands that its vocation and mission is to defend the professional, social and economic interests of all those companies that operate in the sector and promises to investigate the matter in depth to know the implications. ” We consider that the matter is relevant enough to deepen its analysis much more before exercising the legal lessons that may assist us, once the assumption before which we find ourselves is determined .”

Every time a brother-in-law does it, a designer dies”, this is the new  Madrid campaign
From irony and humor, the campaign addresses professional intrusion in the world of design
The courtyard of the  Madrid headquarters has been filled with silhouettes representing a “homicide to design”Would you let a lawyer operate or have an economist fly the plane in which you are going to ride?”

The action seeks to value the figure of the designer
Under this insight, the European Institute of Design in Madrid has launched an ironic campaign called “Every time a brother-in-law does it, a designer dies” An action that seeks to value the figure of the designer, in one of B2B Phone List the sectors most punished by professional intrusion in all its specialties: fashion, graphic , industrial .Putting the design in the hands of those who are not professional designers is to leave the responsibility of the image that a brand transmits, the usability of a product in someone who is not trained for it” , explained from the IED Madrid in a statement.



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