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ADECEC warns about the possible violation of competition by EFE Comunica

The association considers that the irruption of the new agent enters into direct competition with the businesses of the sector
The EFE Agency carrier offers communique recommendation, content material dissemination and preserving of activities At the start of last May, the EFE Agency cell number database introduced the launch of its personal conversation advisory provider , content technology and dissemination, and corporation and maintaining of activities for institutions and groups, which has already started to function beneath the name EFE Communicate . The information alerted a huge part of the communique consultancy area who see on this new agent a probable violation of opposition law.

The association considers that the services of EFE Comunica are in direct opposition with the sports of the consulting corporations
ADECEC (Association of Consulting Companies in Public Relations and Communication), in its position as employer consultant of the businesses within the quarter and in response to the priority expressed by using severa groups and professionals within the industry, considers that the EFE Agency carrier is in opposition Directly with the activities finished by using experts for many years, whether or no longer they’re contributors of the affiliation.

As EFE Comunica points out on its official internet site, it has ” all the communicating strength of the primary platform for the era and distribution of informative content material in Spanish on the carrier of institutions and agencies .” In addition, it assures that it gives ” a wide effect thanks to to the extra than 1,800 national and international media subscribers to the services of Agencia EFE, the arena’s leading news corporation in Spanish . ”Similarly, it highlights its“ considerable community of multidisciplinary experts ”and its“ enormous enjoy in communique techniques and 360 answers ”.


The Fede criticizes the government’s management of public tenders for marketing

Dircoms and media professionals decide to ethical communication
ADECEC keeps that the scenario ” is annoying and unexpected ” because the EFE Agency is a ” public entity, backed and on the provider of all “, and which is believed to be neutral in the dissemination of data to the national media and international related to their offerings. ” As an employer, we keep in mind that Spain has a totally aggressive and talented region of communique specialists that generate price and employment and of which, similarly, an an increasing number of important percentage is made from small organizations “, they have pointed out from the affiliation. ” We recollect it our project, nowadays greater than ever, to maintain this healthful and aggressive market .”

In this sense, ADECEC knows that its vocation and mission is to defend the professional, social and economic hobbies of all the ones groups that perform inside the quarter and guarantees to research the problem extensive to realize the consequences. ” We recollect that the problem is B2B Phone List applicable enough to go a whole lot deeper in its evaluation before exercising the felony instructions which could assist us, once the assumption earlier than which we discover ourselves is decided .

LABELS “ADECEC warns approximately the possible violation of competition with the aid of EFE Comunica”
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