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Advertising on Instagram: formats and recommendations

The number of active users on Instagram does not stop growing, that is why we have prepared a selection with the best tips to increase the results of cold calling phone number list your advertising on Instagram.
If you have done an analysis of your audience and discovered that your target audience is concentrated on Instagram, surely the idea of ​​exploring the advertising opportunities that this social network can offer you has crossed your mind.

Since advertising on Instagram arrived in 2015, the social network has not stopped adding new formats with which to achieve your goals. In this post you will find a review of all of them, and the best recommendations to optimize your results in each one.

Before continuing, as we are going to talk about what types of campaigns each format is most interesting for, you may need to review the objectives that Facebook puts at your disposal and about which we talked in the post ” How to set up Facebook Ads from scratch “.

Now yes, let’s get started:

Photo Ads
The classics: image plus caption (the text that accompanies your photos).

It can be used for all purposes, and if you add a URL, Facebook will give you the option to choose from all of its available CTAs.

Important: If you plan to include text in the image, make sure it does not exceed the proportion of text and image indicated by the Facebook standards (you can check it in the Facebook Creative Hub )

It is especially useful to attract traffic to your profile and get new followers from the content , since you will be showing them what they can find in your feed and that a priori will help you build a more solid community. Top secret: this objective is only available on the mobile version of Instagram. If you try to mount a campaign with this objective from the Business Manager you will not find it.

If your goal is to achieve notoriety, we recommend that you not work from the objective of reach but from brand awareness. At the speed that we consume content on Instagram, it is easy to be impacted by an ad and hardly have paid attention to it, so this will ensure that Facebook distributes it to those users with the greatest possibility of remembering it.

Regarding the description of the image there are theories of all kinds: that if shorter, greater conversion, than if longer, more engagement. We talked about this in “Writing for Instagram: what does the text paint on a visual network?”

Video Ads
One more step in advertising on Instagram: instead of a photo we can use a video. It is especially useful for product demonstrations, concepts that are somewhat complicated to explain in a single photo, or stories.

Instagram allows you to advertise up to 60-second videos, but unless the story that is reflected is especially interesting, the normal thing is that more than 50% of those affected do not consume 25% of the video. So be sure to count the most important thing in the first 3 seconds. You will be able to know the number of people who see part or all of the video in the Video Engagement view of your Business Manager campaign dashboard.

According to Facebook, it is the format that generates the most memory, which makes B2B Phone List them ideal for the objectives of Awareness. They are also especially interesting for generating personalized audiences (you can do it from the Business Manager’s audience tool) based on the users who were impacted by your video campaign, a very useful resource if you are going to launch conversion campaigns later.

Ads by sequence
Or as you are probably more familiar: carouseles. You will be able to upload several contents in the same publication through which the user will navigate by sliding his finger over them.

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