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They are now increasingly becoming part of a varied content mix. Think of interactive novels, where you as a reader can follow different paths based on your preference. Or educational applications that use AR, in which a combination of text and visual elements is obvious. Texts can serve as a basis for any purpose, but there is a good chance that they will take on more of a guiding role. Think of guiding users through VR experiences. Intuitive and interactive entertainment or education is interesting, but a verbal clue here and there remains indispensable. What do we know for sure? One thing is certain: immersive media.

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Not only technological progress Hospitals Email List contributes to this, but user-friendliness and affordable options in the field of AR, VR and MR also play a role. Tech giants such as Apple , Google and Meta are investing heavily in the development of various technologies, which points to a future in which these tools will be an important part of our daily work. Blockchain has only just come into play, but large organizations often already have dedicated consultants in this area. The digitization and tokenization of assets and the creation of decentralized platforms will steal the show in the coming years. As a result, new forms of content distribution will be developed.

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Doing business by content creators and B2b Phone List marketers. Read also: Why VR, AR and 3D techniques should no longer be missing from your marketing plan What can you expect in the coming years? If I had a crystal ball, I would tell you right now what to bet on. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. It is, however, possible to predict the direction we are heading based on trends. We naturally expect that immersive media will gain in popularity, but also that different forms of immersive media will come together. A combination of augmented reality and virtual reality is obvious, because that way you can create a hybrid reality. In addition, AI is becoming increasingly sophisticated, leading to personalized content that can be adapted in real time to the wishes and needs of the user.

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