Another danger if all your colleagues

That shouldn’t be a problem. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says: “Sometimes it will be right, sometimes usefully wrong”. But always remember: AI chatbots don’t understand what they’re saying and can’t reason, no matter how human the interaction feels. Artificial intelligence can also lead to (especially) office jobs becoming even more intensive. We no longer have the walk to the mailbox, and later to the printer and fax. Generative AI can also take over from us the quiet development of an idea or the routine preparation of an overview, report or a few slides. What remains is continuous thinking. One person looks forward to it, but for the other it always means more stress.

Can create content in an instant

The information overload that Canadian Colleges Universities Email List many people experience can get much worse. For comparison, see the content explosion in our private domain, with endless streams of TikToks, Insta Stories and BeReals. They also indicate that people, with the right tools, like to create and share content. Aye aye, right that way! But AI can of course help us with this, by generating handy summaries of all that content. Tools such as Microsoft Business Chat also make all your organization’s content accessible with an intuitive natural language interface , including handy source references, just like the new version of the.

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Bring on all that content

And is it very idealistic to think that B2b Phone List we can spend all the time we are going to save ourselves on meaningful things that we don’t have time to do now? For example, sustainability, innovation and smarter collaboration. Or the human dimension, which we are all talking about: more personal attention for customers, looking after colleagues, a better balance between work and private life. Then this new digitization battle could just, beyond the hype, result in a better world of work for us chatbots with human intelligence !A life without a smartphone is closer than you think Do you want to specialize in strategic marketing.

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