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Antena 3 values ​​diversity and its open television model with this ad

Antena 3 launches a new installment of its campaign “La Tele Abierto”
It seeks to position itself as a chain with a varied and current offer The TV open refers to those channels that are transmitted by air (unencrypted transmissions) and received free of charge in each country. In Spain, for dubai phone directory search  example, the main channels of communication groups such as Atresmedia or Mediaset are “open”. The new Antena 3 ad is called “Opening up is living”
However, “being open to something” can also mean being receptive to the new , to change, to the different, as well as rejecting predisposed stereotypes.

Playing with these two possible meanings , Antena 3 launches a new installment of its “Open TV” campaign , with which it seeks to reinforce its position as a chain with a varied and current offer. “With this campaign we want to value the television model that we defend at Antena3. A television that has everything and for everyone “, points out Javier Bardají , General Director of Atresmedia Televisión.

The spot “Opening is living” celebrates the diversity of quality and innovative content, turning Antena 3 into a bridge connected to reality, as well as to the possibilities offered by the plural society in which we live.

“To be open is to be alive”

Through this advertisement , the television network collects part of its informative and entertainment content with a piece set to the rhythm of a catchy instrumental song , which reflects and values ​​the change in society towards an open culture.

The campaign, with 65 ”and 30” versions for TV and digital, has been developed internally by the Marketing Department of Atresmedia TV together with the strategic and creative consulting firm Collage .

“A television that does not repeat itself and that never closes itself to the new or to understand what is happening in the world. A television that is open to all audiences, advertisers and the audiovisual industry,” adds Bardají.

LABELS “Antena 3 values ​​diversity and its open television model with this ad”
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Barbie swaps pink for green with her most sustainable doll collection
Barbie Loves the Ocean is the first line made with recycled plastic from the ocean
For the presentation of the new collection, the Mattel brand launches “The future of pink is green”In the As in most industries, the toy industry is evolving towards a production more aware B2B Phone List with the environment , saving energy costs in their manufacturing processes, implementing programs circular economy or using recycled materials in their products, as is the case of Barbie and her new collection “Barbie Loves the Ocean”:





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