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Are Not Thought Out Upstream of the Choice of Theme.

Value for money You know exactly how much your website will cost you during its realization and for its maintenance. If compared to a physical location like a sign in an arcade, which is exposed to many unexpected events and could skyrocket costs such as leaving lights on, theft, damage, additional staff, etc. A strategic reflection and the implementation of a website accompanied by its digital marketing solution provide can bring enormous benefits while remaining very reasonable in costs. Accessible 24 hours a day Your website and social media pages Imagine that you are looking for a solution or a product. You make every effort to get in touch with the people in the company’s sales department, but their availability, yours, the opening and closing hours prevent you from obtaining useful information for a good week.

We all know how frustrated  Bahamas WhatsApp Number List we can feel in this situation. Guess who you’ll turn to? Simply, as is the case every day, you will use a search engine and explore the websites of companies offering the products and services you are looking for. Since your website is operational 24 hours a day, accessible from a cafe, from a sofa or a bed, on desktop computer, laptop smartphone, your potential customers can easily access your website, understand your value proposition and find your offers. Credibility By building a for a product or service, before purchasing, to first check the credibility of the company selling them.

the Functional Characteristics.

When you provide a good service or product, positive word of mouth about your business is likely to spread. Which, in turn, provides more opportunities for new business. People tend to trust a company after doing business with it. By using your website, you can continually serve online customers and increase your credibility as a small business owner. An essential marketing tool Having a website and a digital marketing strategy allows you to prospect online. There are many marketing strategies you can use to advertise and promote your business.


The more professional your website is and it clearly communicates your value proposition , the more you can benefit from it. Do you want to define your digital strategy but you don’t know where to start? Contact us for a first free interview during which we can. Advise you on your current project and give you some ideas. For the developme It’s also a great way to offer the first 15. Minutes of appointments to someone looking for advice. Choose a good partner for. Digitization In the case of the digitization of a law firm, we are not just talking about the website.

Your Site and Your Business Objectives.

but be careful to replicate your data on another NAS at home or elsewhere so as not to lose your data in the event of a fire, for example. When we talk about digitization, we address the following topics: The server infrastructure (where to put your data?) Digital Marketing (choose your agency , website , SEO, SEM , etc.) The tools used (salaries, accounting, document storage, etc.) The law firm-lawyer-court relationship The IT partner (intervention under study)For my website on WordPress, purchased theme or custom design? Finally the big question, will you have to orient yourself towards the purchase of a WordPress theme or will you ask your partner for a custom design of your web pages? For my website on WordPress, purchased theme or custom design? For my website on WordPress, purchased theme or custom design?

That’s it, the big day has arrived, you have decided to redesign your website . The prospect of a fairly intense project opens up in front of you because, as you have understood, in the current economic paradigm, the success of your digital presence is essential for the sustainability of your business. Trust a person known in his entourage, an employee, recruit an intern or use the expertise of a digital expert, an agency… these are your possible choices. Once your partner has been chosen, you will certainly move towards using the most popular CMS, namely WordPress. And to motivate or reinforce your choice, you will certainly have read statistics concerning this system

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