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It is also possible to know at a glance the clicks (on the links of the tweets). The retweets, the favorites and the answers, always comparatively. Against the previous 28 days. In the Followers tag there are other interesting data. Such as the most outstanding interests of your followers , which undoubtedly helps to. Know what to tweet about to those who follow you, in addition to. The geographical data of the country and city to which your. Followers belong. Well, we commented that social analytics is gaining strength , there are more and more analysis tools and of course there is more and more data to analyze and transform into intelligence for the business, the challenge is just beginning.

Jesus Maceira Reading: 2 minutes Russia WhatsApp Number List In recent days we read the study published by the people of SocialFlow entitled « Data Drives Social Performance » that analyzes the performance of organic publications in Social Networks. It is an interesting piece of research that has taken several months to prepare, and spans 1.6 million messages that generated almost 1.5 billion engagements. (about 1,000 commitments per post). In the last six months, the organic reach of our publications on the most relevant social platforms has decreased and it represents a challenge for many companies to be successful with their publications organically, it undoubtedly implies a lot of intelligence and analysis to take advantage of it.

Technologies Provide Organizations With Insights.

Big Data: Analyzing Social Data The report published by SocialFlow describes what it means to adopt a “Data Drive” approach to social publishing. It highlights how the move from “scheduling messages” to a data-driven approach requires a different mindset. Perhaps the metaphor that can help us understand this change is thinking about eating at a fixed time every day versus eating when we really feel hungry. Only in that way people are really hungry for content, and our effort can be more successful. According to the study, it was possible to see that the organic publications made based on data analysis registered up to 91% more engagement than the rest of the content.


This conclusion was possible through the analysis of 1.6 million. Organic posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, also highlighting that. 99% of the posts barely impacted their target audience. Our content is going unnoticed. From our understanding, the capacity for analysis that.  We can carry out on our target audience, their behavior, the context and other. Data in order to be able to propose really valuable content within the digital strategy. Is taking more and more strength, it is not enough just to publish frequently at the time we believe is the best for it. Are you analyzing your digital community? If you have any comments about it, do not hesitate to leave it below. Follow me on Twitter:

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Reading: 3 minutes Gone are the times when only “having followers” was. A relevant variable when deploying a presence and communication strategy. Within Twitter. At Mauna Media we feel that the market has begun to. Mature and the value that the analysis of social data returns for the. Business of multiple companies has acquired greater importance –beyond. The numerical. Can professional analysis and monitoring of what we do on social media return. Data, information and knowledge relevant to the company? It is hard work, but we believe. So and that is why we wanted to bring in this post five ways to get to know your digital community better. Twitter analytics, exploiting social information.

Focus effectively Like any research, we must ensure that the sample we use in the analysis is truly representative of our digital community. Based on criteria such as age, occupation, location or your personal interests. By clearly identifying the corresponding demographic group, we will be able to segment (or hyper-segment) effectively in the future and thus converse in a focused manner with those followers who, for example, show that they are very interested in your product or service,

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