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A combined total of 41% of users 18-34 view Twitter either “very favorably” (16%) or “somewhat favorably” (25%). While this age range doesn’t exclusively represent Gen Z, a large portion of it does. The age group with the second highest total is users age 35-44, where a total of 38% view Twitter “very favorably” (11%) and “somewhat favorably” (27%). Both age brackets include hefty helpings of Millennials.

Job title or industry is the most popular thing U.S. adults say about themselves in their Twitter profile bio, with approximately 1 in 4 users including this information. Other popular profile mentions include hobbies (12%), family relationships (8%), and political views.

Give yourself time to edit

Twitter’s appeal has always been its short-form, real-time nature and that’s still true today with 61.2% of people saying Twitter is where they go to stay up to date with news and events. Brands can capitalize on this by live-tweeting from conferences and creating event hashtags b2b email list in order to retweet from, and start conversations with, attendees.

Almost half (45%) of Americans say they have Tweeted about a political or social issue in the last 12 months, but for 23% of the user base, political Tweets are a lifestyle. A study analyzing the content of over 1 million Tweets found approximately one-third, or 33%, were political in nature.

Track, analyze, and optimize

A recent study reports users spend an average of 1.1 hours per week on Twitter, equating to 4.4 hours per month. While that may seem small compared to TikTok’s reported 9.8 hours per week, the average demographics and audience of Twitter are vastly different from that of TikTok. Not sure if your ideal audience is on Twitter? Find out with the latest Twitter demographics stats for 2023.
Two-thirds of the links shared by prominent Twitter users pointed to print, TV, and B2B Phone List wire news media, whereas only 5% of links shared on  alternative platforms — such as Truth Social, Parler, and more — did. Perhaps this is due to Twitter itself also being a mainstream network, though the wide gap suggest an underlying ideological difference.

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