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Coca-Cola pairs its products with recipes from two renowned chefs in this transmedia project

The kitchen unites us” is a gastronomic project to reinforce the relationship of the brand with consumers
Starring chefs Diego Guerrero and Javier Peña, it has been conceived together with the Thinketers agency name and phone number list These words come from the chefs Diego Guerrero and Javier Peña , the protagonists of the gastronomic project under the same claim: “The kitchen unites us”. Coca-Cola , aware of the importance of gastronomy for its product portfolio and its relationship with consumers, has decided to carry out this transmedia campaign .

The purpose of this campaign is to inspire consumers when they meet with their own
In this way, the beverage company has launched to create this action where its products -Fanta, Nestea, Aquarius, Sprite, Appletiser and Coca-Cola- are paired with various recipes , both for daily consumption and for more special moments. This campaign aims to strengthen the brand’s relationship with consumers, bars and restaurants.

The project, conceived from the transmedia start by the agency and producer Thinketers , puts people at the center by identifying moments of value in their lives, in order to try to inspire them when it comes to meeting their loved ones around a table.
” In a world in which it is increasingly necessary to feel that union with yours, the moments around food are perfect to continue creating special moments ,” said Elena Baz, Frontline Senior Brand Manager of Coca-Cola.


Gastronomy becomes the connecting link for reunions in Spain, according to Heinz

“Restaurants from Spain”, the international seal that will recognize the Spanish gastronomic quality
Based on this premise, the company has wanted to offer content that reinforces its relationship with its audiences: on the one hand, the hospitality channel and, on the other, the end consumer , generating emotional ties when introducing products naturally in the various moments that consumers live.
In this way, they have reinterpreted a total of 47 recipes that, due to their taste and texture, “are ideal” to pair with Coca-Cola products.

Two gastronomic ambassadors to reinterpret the recipes

Guerrero will have the purpose of loyalty to the hotel channel; Javier Peña, to the consumer
For the project, two gastronomic ambassadors were identified : Diego Guerrero and Javier Peña. The chef, two Michelin stars, in order to build loyalty with the hospitality channel, while Javier Peña, ” with his close and rogue touch “, was the optimal ambassador to connect with the end consumer, according to the company.

They both set to work to reinterpret the recipes, from their most personal vision, and complement them with the ideal pairing with Coca-Cola products, to find the combination of flavors and textures to make food ” a more pleasant experience ” .

The reinterpretations of the recipes will be broadcast in video format and through the edition of a book with a different design than a traditional recipe book. Depending on where you start to read, you will discover a different chef than the one preceding a personal cover illustrated by artist Alex de Marcos.

Each page is a reflection of your personality. With Guerrero, 2 Michelin Stars , they have opted for black, conceptual photography and refined fonts, like his kitchen. ” We seek to convey elegance, delicacy and creativity, ” they have pointed out from the agency. In the case of Peña, they have opted for warm tones and close fonts , making the reader feel part of the process. “Almost sharing stoves with the chef, ” they have said.

In addition to the digital content and the book, the creative platform “The kitchen unites us” also has an extension at point of sale, associated with promotions of Coca-Cola products.

LABELS “Coca-Cola pairs its products with recipes from two renowned chefs in this transmedia project”
value sponsorship at the Olympic Games
46% of the representatives of this group would buy products from the brands that sponsor the sports event
The sponsors of the Tokyo Games hope to generate engagement through TV in an edition with hardly any audience

On Friday, July 23, the Tokyo Olympic Games will begin , atypical and expected due to the B2B Phone List postponement of the appointment, canceled in 2020, and due to the absence of public. To this day, the Japanese authorities continue to debate whether they will allow some local spectators to access the stadiums and whether a neg

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