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Consumer fears in El Buen Fin and how to solve them from marketing

The Good End is coming and its purpose is to activate the Mexican economy through the consumption of products with payment facilities, low prices, gifts and other incentives to attract the consumer and convince them to purchase the goods that were put on sale, but sometimes the work becomes complicated because people are not so convinced Iceland Mobile Database to do the acquisition. The consumer’s fear in El Buen Fin has several reasons and one of them has to do with the fear that the offers will not be effective. Given this, there is an institution that is Profeco to defend the buyer, but from the field of marketing, brands must generate due trust that allows customers to know that the messages that are generated are real and not empty offers. Iceland Mobile Database

Marketing actions must also make sure that the offers presented by the brands are correct , otherwise errors like the one WalMart already passed, and all because of what seems to be a wording error in some of their stores – read more details in this league -. But there are also other types of concerns for the buyer, such as public insecurity that permeates large regions of Mexico and that inhibits the transfer of people to points of sale. Cities such as Cuernavaca, Morelia, Mexico City and other regions report actions such as special surveillance operations in the surroundings For cases of unrest on the part of people, marketing’s mission is to develop other forms of purchase , such as electronic commerce, which has demonstrated effectiveness in the tranquility of people for their home deliveries and the security of electronic transactions and other payment methods.

One more concern on the part of people who may turn off their spirits during this Good End lies in the economic precariousness that permeates as a generalized situation in large sectors of the population and also the anxiety produced by knowing that in the country, apparently, a transition is in sight. politics a little more differentiated than in other six-year terms, with the arrival of a new government. Faced with this situation, Vladimir Ramírez, founding partner of Franquicia Master, thinks that in the face of any tell me, speculation and fear, what Brother Cell Phone List has to be done “work and not stop doing it, open sources of work, promote that opportunities exist. Fear paralyzes and we cannot be concerned with things that are not in our hands ”. In the case of the opportunity it represents for brands and buyers in El Buen Fin, one of the recommendations is that if you have any need to purchase, look for the opportunity to do so these days, as long as there is due reflection about its use, advantages and costs.

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