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If, with the digital boom prior to COVID-19, digital educational content enjoyed a good number of followers and practitioners, as of March 2020 access to this type of content has conquered a greater number of how to get usa phone number followers and users. interested in accessing training to acquire or consolidate knowledge on different subjects.To support the above, I have taken as a reference the following graph from Google trends from two of the main digital educational content platforms: Coursera and Udemy, where it is reflected that the impact of the pandemic at its peak represented a peak in consultations of users of the search terms that identify both brands.

Educational content is that which encompasses a set of knowledge, skills and abilities focused on achieving one or more objectives related to teaching and completing educational competencies. Following this line, digital educational content is the one that meets all of the above and also takes the Internet as a reference base to be displayed.List of most requested digital educational content
The types of digital educational content that exist are increasingly varied, the main ones being the following:

Gone are the moments when we allowed ourselves to live slowly, now it seems that the rush is our hallmark and we do not get rid of the feeling that if we do not run everywhere it is because we are wasting that little good that we call time.I will not be the one to throw the first stone, especially because I am the first to have to sing the “mea culpa” on this subject of going full speed in life and getting into more stories than I should.

In return, what I do want is to break a spear and get the positive part of the above to stop (somehow) that frenetic pace by putting a note of hope.Well, we will have no choice but to do things that before we could not do in certain places or at specific times and that may vary from one day to the next… let me explain.

The most common case is that before we had no choice but to wait to get home, to class or to a library (to give three examples) to be able to study or access any type of educational content that we had in hand.Now, thanks to the ubiquity that gives this point its title, we can go learning from the subway, the bus or while sitting in the park during a break, or do it on the day and at the time that we want or that we can.

Being “consumable” content from many more places, we have managed to ensure that digital educational content is in our favor in that fight against time that I have already told you about.At this point, and to alleviate the pessimism at the beginning, I would like to add a fragment of a poem by Antonio Machado: Another undeniable fact is that, being so widespread, digital content of an educational nature is much more available to everyone than what were or are, let’s say “traditional” content.

This article does not pretend to enter into controversy with lifelong printed educational content, it simply aims to show a real fact which is that the cost of most digital content that focuses on users learning something is lower.

Another obvious benefit is that getting all the results when searching for a specific concept is infinitely faster and more efficient.The most obvious example can be found in ebooks in pdf format that allow us to speed up B2B Phone List the aforementioned search without having to remember in which chapter or chapters of a printed book the reference we are looking for was. Here it should be noted that bookmarks on written content pieces are very useful but still light years away from the ease and accuracy of digital search.


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