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When 2020 begins to give the last tail of life, many of us professionals pay even more attention than during the rest of the days of the year -if possible- to analyze the content marketing situation and from there, retouch the existing ones or design new content strategies for our clients. usa full phone number It is a true fact that there are more and more quality studies that provide us with data on which to draw conclusions, but although they are more and more reliable, not all of them are worth it.This has been a very difficult year in many respects and the content marketing situation has been no stranger to it.

As a consequence of different factors (COVID-19, fake news, excess of published content, …) we are at a time when Google more than ever has endorsed the “crusade” for rewarding trustworthy content and for banishing the most absolute ignominy to those websites that do not check their sources or that offer inaccurate or false information .Due to the above, it is obvious that at the time of writing we must see what works and what does not, as a result of the analysis of what users demand that, ultimately, they are the ones who set the rules of that “game” that Google then puts on going.

Content Marketing Situation – 2020 Orbit Media Study
Before going any further, I tell you that all the interpretations that you are going to read in this article are based on the results of the Orbit Media survey , carried out on a sample of 1,279 responses received.It is based on these responses that the data that shape this study have been generated.

Each result will be accompanied by a personal interpretation on my part that does not seek to establish a lecture, but rather to support a global vision of the content marketing situation in 2020.We started!Does the blog have a return as a piece of content?
Fortunately, almost 79% of those surveyed think that there is a return on the actions that are generated in the blog as a channel.And even around 25% think that the results obtained are worth considering.content marketing situation blog effectiveness vs results

How much time does it take on average to write a blog post?
In this section we see that the evolution of the time a writer spends writing an article B2B Phone List has stabilized in 2020 after suffering a period of adaptation over the years.In fact, it has gone from dedicating just over two hours (2 hours and 24 minutes = 144 minutes) in 2014 to almost 4 hours recorded in 2019 and 2020 (3 hours 57 minutes and 3 hours 55 minutes respectively).Undoubtedly, those responsible for writing on the blog are increasingly aware that a good preparation of the articles is key to the return that they want to obtain from them.



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