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Covirán Proposes an Alternative Shopping List

The listing of classical buy, starting from a kilo of rice to toothpaste via paprika and shampoo is combined in the new campaign for the supermarket Covirán with every other wherein the emblem highlights a number of the troubles extra relevant to the social schedule. The marketing campaign is supplied as “a plea in prefer of the demands of all of brand new society”
Creativity and making plans in virtual media is from the Manifiesto organisation . This is the Costa Rica Email Address organisation’s first job for this advertiser. The allocation of the same was made through a competition that came about within the first sector of the yr.
The rest of the media management, which incorporates tv and abroad, has been done by using Havas Media and the marketing campaign is disseminated in Spain and Portugal.

Entitled “The different buying list”, it commemorates the 60th anniversary of the distribution cooperative and, according to the corporation in a notice to the media, “it’s far a plea in choose of the demands of the entire present day society, wherein it’s far seen contemplated each city and rural truth ”.

The initiative “is based totally on Covirán’s main values: closeness, proximity and its fame as a social economy business enterprise this is designed to return the advantages it generates to its environment.” Sources of the advertiser, in the meantime, point out that “ Covirán is a good deal more than a point of sale in which to fill the refrigerator. We have grew to become 60 thanks to the efforts of all our companions who have constantly given the first-rate of themselves to their acquaintances ”.

The important piece of the campaign is a business in which, through the mouths of the characters, Covirán talks approximately the products he sells and a number of the troubles that now concern a huge a part of society and that it hopes will even seem within the enterprise schedule: the significance of local trade, work-life balance, gender equality, the fee of experience within the work environment and rural depopulation. This is “the opposite purchasing list” referred to in the marketing campaign title. The ad closes with the slogan “Being close, we pass a long way.”

The motive and history of Covirán

“The creative and manufacturing procedure has been very easy with Manifiesto”, they say from the advertiser. ” The way in which Manifiesto has understood Covirán, both as a brand and in its corporate and social motive, has been key to the a success quit of this mission”.

“It is simple to do a great task while a emblem has the records of warfare and successes that Covirán has”
For his part, Pachi Gil , Manifesto’s Business Director, states on the subject of this campaign: “I virtually accept as true with that it’s far very clean to do a terrific process when a emblem has the records of battle and successes that Covirán objectively has. In addition to clear and solid communique levers on which to assist their messages, we must upload the exquisite human crew with whom we have collaborated side with the aid of facet, who’ve made the complete work procedure smooth within a worrying but extraordinarily cordial weather ”.

Covirán is a cooperative of retailers devoted to the distribution thru supermarkets of food and mass intake merchandise. It turned into born in Granada in 1961 and presently has 2,876 establishments , as stated at the organization’s website.


Agency: Manifesto
Advertiser: Covirán
Product: Supermarkets
Client contact: Paco Torres and Carlos Álvarez
Project control: Pachi Gil
Project supervision: Natalia López
Executive creative course: Antonio Pacheco
Creative standard course: Chiqui Palomares
Editor: Albert Alcácer
Art course: Guillermo Sánchez
Digital Media Team: Judit Gómez, Tania Alves and Laura Jado
Production Company: Zissou Producciones
Director: Álex Gargot
Media Agency: Havas Media
Piece: Spot 55 ”
LABELS “Covirán proposes an opportunity purchasing listing inside the marketing campaign of its sixtieth anniversary”
A breast implant organization launches stickers to denounce the peepers and censorship suffered by way of girls in summer time
GC Aesthetics desires to B2B Phone List fight peepers and topless censorship
The “Boobstickers” marketing campaign has been completed with the aid of the manufacturing company Be Sweet

This is the second work by way of Be Sweet for GC Aesthetics, after the release of “An awesome pair of books” , a marketing campaign in which the form of shapes and sizes of woman breasts was valued with the aid of comparing it with the type of styles and sizes of books, extolling their forte and beauty.


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