Creative Belitung Bazaar 2 Returns to Earn

Tanjungpandan, Media Center – Belitung Creative Bazaar 2 2022 has again reaped a turnover of more than 800 million.

“The turnover at the second bazaar is not much different from the first bazaar. The total estimate is around 862 million with around 14,500 visitors,” said Wiwih.

Wiwih also mentioned the number of stands provided by the committee  was 150 stands. However, due to the large number of MSMEs who were interested in participating, there were several stands used by two participants.

The number of participants who took part in this bazaar was 170 participants

The Regent hopes that through this activity it can Whatsapp Mobile Number List grow new entrepreneurs in Belitung. This will certainly have an impact on improving the community’s economy. (Narration: Arlan/ Editor: Verry)Tanjungpandan, Media Center – The Belitung Regency Communication and Information Service held a friendly event with business partners. This gathering was attended by Belitung journalists and members of the Community Information Group.

As one of the pillars of development, we certainly hope that our friends will participate in spreading positive information and minimizing hoax news,” said Regent Sahani.

Regent Sahani also hopes that Community Information Groups can be formed in every sub-district village in Belitung Regency. KIM members are expected to become agents of potential development in each village.

KIM comrades are of course the ones who know best the potential that exists in each village

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For this KIM comrades need to be agents for developing B2B Phone List this potential,” said Regent Sahani.

The Head of the Information and Information. Center for the Belitung Regency, Mohammad Iqbal. Said That the Purpose of This Meeting. Was to Strengthen the Synergy Between the Government, the Press and Also Community. Information Groups in Villages and Sub-districts.

“Through This Activity, I Hope That There Will Be Better Synergy. Between the Press, Community Information. Group (Kim) and the Local Government,” Said Iqbal

Seeing the Large Potential Role of Kim in Each Village, Iqbal Will Also Try to Encourage. The Formation of Kim in Each Village. In Addition to Acting as a Disseminator of Information. From the Government to the Public, Kim Can Also Bridge Existing. Information From the Public to the Government.

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