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Days C || Solana and Esteo: on beauty, social impact, devil’s advocates and communication as an orchestra

The winners of the c de c de Honor this year spoke in one of the sessions of the meeting
They agree that the alliance of creativity and technology can lead to profound changes in society The poster of the C-Days of 2021, the professional event number france of the Club de Creativos that takes place throughout this week, welcomes “the creators of utopias.” And the name seems especially appropriate for José Luis Esteo and Daniel Solana, who have talked at the meeting on creativity in one of the sessions of the program of presentations and virtual round tables. The two professionals have been awarded in this edition with the c de c de Honor, a recognition of the advertising industry for their careers and contributions to the sector.

“We have the ability to do things with a huge social impact,” says Daniel Solana
Both alluded during their remote conversation to the enormous possibilities that the current moment opens up to creative communication and its professionals.
Esteo recalled the large number of work tools available today and Solana went further by reflecting in these terms: “We have the ability to do things with enormous social impact. We live in a shared scenario in which everything is to be discovered and done. The current possibilities, used wisely, can lead us to the realization of great projects, and young people have an enormous opportunity to change things ”.

Beauty was one of the main concepts in the talk. Esteo asked Solana directly about her concept of beauty, and she commented: “There are things that you know what they are when you see them, you understand them but you don’t know how to explain them. I understand that beauty has to do with sensitivity, with the way you perceive, with an important concept that is visual understanding. An image conveys something to you: a teaching, a sensation, information, some nuances … something complex that produces an emotion. And then we try to explain that by talking about aesthetics and art. But it is still an understanding of our environment that comes from a very sophisticated intelligence ”.
For his part of him, Esteo said that “beauty for me It is in what when you experience it, it makes you feel a little better as a human being than you were before that moment. And we should aspire to that in our work ”.

Both also spoke of the importance of the creative search process, of the paradoxical resistance of B2B Phone List creatives to explore new fields and of communication as a fundamental human activity that, beyond technology and fashions, always relies on emotions, sensitivity, beauty and, above all, the truth.
“There is a fundamental word in our work”, Esteo said at one point in the conversation, “which is ‘true’. That which has a campaign or project that makes when you see it, you believe it. And when he goes out into the street, people also perceive him that way ”.


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