Diagnosis of Copd in Spirometry

Identifying COPD on spirometry requires knowledge about reference values ​​and cross-referencing with symptoms. Especially dyspnea, which signals a reduction in the patient’s lung capacity . In this context, the pulmonary function test offers important data. It is the exam that allows the correct decision-making for each case. Not to mention how it provides an opportunity to qualify the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory disorders. In the following lines, I discuss the relationship between spirometry and COPD , relevant information and values ​​for the diagnosis of this pathology. Continue reading and also find out about online report options using the telemedicine system . COPD on spirometry COPD can be defin as a set of respiratory diseases that obstruct the airways. Pulmonary emphysema and chronic bronchitis are part of this group, characterized by shortness of breath, persistent cough and mucus production.

According to the World Health Organization

The fourth leading cause of death in the world . With 90% of victims in middle- and low-income countries. The disease is progressive and has no cure, however, adequate treatment can delay its evolution and ensure more quality of life for the patient. This is because, in advanced stages, the symptoms intensify at the Korea Phone Number Data slightest physical exertion , resulting in great discomfort for the patient. This is a sign of compromised pulmonary ventilatory function – as measured by spirometry . Also known as the breath test and pulmonary function test, the test evaluates the health of the lungs, indicating the possibility of restrictive and obstructive pathologies (such as COPD). For this, the procedure allows checking the amount of air and the speed with which it is inspired and expired . When the registered values ​​are lower than those considered normal.

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It is necessary to prescribe and start a treatment

How COPD is Diagnos by Spirometry The diagnosis of COPD by spirometry begins with positioning the patient comfortably, avoiding efforts. He is instructed to blow into a disposable mouthpiece, connected to the spirometry device ( spirometer ). Usually, the equipment is light and portable , but it can also be more robust B2B Phone List and rest on a table. In the first step of the procedure, the patient breathes normally to record the initial values.Then you need to suck in as much air as possible and exhale with full force, as fast as you can. Forced expiration continues for six seconds in order to empty the lungs completely. These movements give rise to at least three graphs, which will be analyzed later by the pulmonologist . Depe on the recommendation in the medical order, spirometry is terminat or extend with the use of bronchodilator medication . In this case, the substance is administered by spray, causing the expansion of the bronchi.

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