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Disappointments in Terms of Visibility and Lead

Maybe you can help your future customers find what they are looking for. Click analytics to optimize what’s already working well. Surveys and search terms to understand what brought your. Visitors to your E-Commerce site and satisfy them. Analyzes of your internal research to understand what blocks your visitors and. Create solutions Step 2: Allow your customers to buy the right product You have one or more category pages, perhaps your. Visitors are having trouble choosing what they want to buy. It is better to guide. The choice of your visitors: Analyze search queries and other data to. Understand the different parameters your visitors search for. Optimize your product descriptions on category pages and product pages. Create filters to make it easier for your future customers to choose. Your visitors are in your online store for certain reasons.

Facilitating their choice will Cambodia WhatsApp Number List allow you to sell better. Step 3: Offer your customers to buy more Analyzing customer journeys will allow you to understand how to increase your revenue per purchase and what is purchased together: Suggestion of relative products: offer alternatives and other products to your customers Superior product proposition: Show your customers that they can increase the value of their products by purchasing the superior range. Product assembly: sell products that go together with a discount, in order to optimize the shopping cart. These three axes will allow you to convert your customers into sales and increase the basket-average. 3rd axis: stimulate purchases Boost online purchases Step 1: Show the added value of your products and your.

Google Local Search Results (See Screenshot Below).

E-Commerce site Distinguish your E-Commerce site from their competitors by offering something different. Objective: superior products, better customer service, better delivery, etc. Subjective: a better experience, the impression of being better when buying your products Step 2 Use means to persuade your visitors You have several ways to stimulate sales, for example: Reciprocity: provide your visitors with what they want to naturally receive what you want in return Social proof: show your visitors that other people are using your E-Commerce site so that they want to buy from your E-Commerce site. Authority: show that your E-Commerce site is validated by entities such as Paypal or Google, or that your products are used by personalities, in order to sell better. Other mechanisms exist.


Finding the right persuasive factors depends on your context. Step 3: Use urgency There are two emergency mechanisms: Time: an offer that will end in a short and predetermined time Scarcity: an offer will end after the stock runs out and there will soon be more (which also means that other visitors are also interested). 4th axis: Respond to anxieties Address the anxieties of your online store visitors Your visitors have arrived on the product page, they want to buy but they have doubts: “Am I making the right choice? », and this is where new questions arise. The easiest way to address objections is to offer a free 30-day return. But maybe your visitors have other questions: Use of your products and technical questions: this is why it is important to collect questions from your future customers: In the forums With your visitors With your customers Security of your payments:

Display a List of Businesses Closest to the Login.

in this case, the use of services like Paypal is the best way to facilitate sales Customer services: a charter can be. Useful to reassure customers.  Therefore, 5th axis: Sell your products over the long term. Sell ​​your e-commerce products. Over the long termYour customers may have been interested. In your products without wanting to buy. This is why it is important to remember your existence at time T (defined according to customer journeys): Newsletters:

Analyze the results and optimize these 5 axes of E-Commerce growth Let’s recap: the three axes of E-Commerce growth are the number of customers, the frequency of purchases and the value of the average basket. Number of customers x Frequency of purchases x Average basket value Source: NerdMarketing These five areas of optimization will be important for acquiring customers: Attract the attention of your future customers guide their choice Stimulate purchases Respond to anxieties Sell ​​long term To increase the average basket, it is best to guide your visitors’ choice,

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