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Your product is on a ‘circular platform in a flower bed’ and that there are ‘polar bears’ in the background. With this tool you can create perfect images yourself. Screenshot of the Oxolo AI tool. Source: Oxolo . 3. Design converting ads Adcreative makes it easy to create ads with powerful visuals, captivating copy , and compelling CTAs. Think of the standard formats for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the Google Display Network. It works very simply: you upload your logo, fill in a short description of your product or service and choose the colors (or have them generated by AI). You can then create your own advertising material.

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Is that you don’t have to Canadian Biotechnology Email List reinvent the wheel. Ecommerce marketing example. Source: Adcreative . 4. Content in no time Content is king and every web shop owner should know that. With ChatGTP , Writesonic or Jasper.ai you can format product descriptions, meta descriptions and ad texts in no time. You can even have the text for an ‘abandoned basket’ email generated automatically based on the Cialdini principles (eg social proof). When using AI for e-commerce marketing, it is important to always fine-tune generated content yourself so that it meets brand guidelines and quality standards.

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Below is an example from Writesonic

As you can see, AI associates fresh coffee B2b Phone List beans with the morning dew. What do you think about this? example of Writesonic Source: Writesonic – click on image to enlarge. 5. Virtual assistant An AI chat tool can be a powerful tool to boost your ecommerce marketing. By integrating a chat tool, such as Tidio , into your webshop, customers can easily ask questions and receive support, ultimately increasing the conversion rate (and visitors are of course helped immediately). In addition, the chat tool can collect data about customer behavior and certain preferences.

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