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Email marketing tips for your Good End campaigns

For thousands of brands and companies, an event such as the Good End can be considered key to boosting the business, only in 2017, it generated income for businesses that amounted to 94 billion pesos, and on the other hand, for this year as we present it in this note, it is estimated that the majority of consumers (47.1 percent) spend between one million and three thousand pesos. Proper training can be considered essential and therefore we will share some last minute tips to improve the Good End Ivory-Coast Mobile Database campaigns, specifically those that use email marketing. Before going to the advice, why the email in particular? The answer is simple, in this type of commercial events, the email represents a means of direct contact with the consumer and can stand out from the rest since, after Everything is the preferred medium by consumers for communication related to business, as revealed by a study by Marketing Dive, when it comes to brands, 72 percent of people prefer communication via email. Ivory-Coast Mobile Database

If you need to improve your email marketing campaigns for the Good End, consider implementing these adjustments: At present it is very common to find brands and businesses that, prior to the arrival of the official dates of a commercial event, are given the task of launching pre-Good End offers that emphasize the short period of time that they have for take advantage of them and the special value associated with them, that is, they are offers that will not be available for the duration of the event. As part of your Good End campaigns, you can take advantage of this resource to start getting results before the competition, resources that consumers already plan to spend. Consider a good previous offer in these hours before the start of the event. When it comes to boosting the opening and conversion rate of the Good End campaigns developed through email marketing, few actions are better than working with the issue of shipments. With other types of campaigns it is an effective element, as Marketing Land highlights, in commercial events such as Black Friday the opening Brother Cell Phone List rates grow up to 15.1 percent when they do not include offers in the subject of the email and, on the other hand, those that do mention of free shipping managed to generate open rates of 14.9 percent and conversion rates of 14.7 percent.

Eliminating shipping costs as a Good End promotion eliminates the consumer’s need to go directly to the physical store to purchase a product. Currently, trends reveal that during this type of commercial events (Good End, CyberMonday, HotSale, etc.) brands are no longer limited only to established days, they extend them a little more or anticipate them. The main reason for this action is that results can continue to be obtained, in the case of email marketing, Marketing Land reveals that some CyberMonday campaigns manage to generate open rates of up to 16.2 percent when sent after the date of the event. Post-event and per-event emails are effective in capturing subscribers’ attention, however, if you plan to use them, consider saving an attractive offer to get a good conversion rate. On the other hand, it is also important that you work with attractive offers for each day as this will allow you to be more relevant to consumers.

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