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Emojis and Marketing in Social Networks: how to use them to humanize your business?

Would you like to give your business a more human touch on Social Networks , and make people feel more identified with your content? If the answer is yes, today is your lucky day: in this article we will talk about emojis and marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. ukmobilenumbers Here we will tell you why you should include emojis in your posts and how they can help you capture the attention of your audience. Then we will see how you can take advantage of the emojis in each Social Network and what are the functions that each of them offers to do so.

Go for it!

Emojis and marketing: a look at the statistics
According to the latest surveys , there are currently 2,823 emojis registered in the Unicode Standard (the character encoding standard for computer exchanges). These include variants to represent different skin tones, genders, nationalities, objects, and of course emotions.

Now why do people love to use emojis? A recent study carried out in the United States shows us the main and most frequent answers to this question:

Data and statistics on emojis and marketing

As you can see from the responses, emojis have a unique power to communicate emotional aspects , help convey feelings and complete the meaning of what a text says. For this reason, they are an excellent complement to your posts, since they finish defining their attitude and / or intention.

But even more: it is necessary to emphasize that emojis and Social Networks go hand in hand, since networks are made up of people who seek to interact and communicate, and emojis perfectly satisfy that need .

Advantages of using emojis on Social Networks
The advantages that the use of emojis in Social Networks bring to businesses are countless , especially if you want to execute a robust and sustainable Social Media strategy in the long term. These are the main ones:

Give a more human imprint to your brand or business
Helps you express the intention of a phrase
It allows you to give a more informal and complicit tone to your publications
Help people empathize and identify with your content
They are perfect to show a creative and playful side to your audience
They make your posts more fun
They provide additional visual information to your posts (that is, they reinforce the meaning)
Consequently, we can say that emojis and social media marketing undoubtedly go hand in hand. Now we will share with you the best ways to take advantage of this communication tool on the different Social Media platforms.

How to use emojis in the Social Networks of your business?
Learn about emoji and marketing best practices

Emojis on Facebook
Facebook is especially rich in the possibilities of using emojis that it offers to businesses and users. Doing so will capture your audience’s attention much more , since they emotionally predispose people even before they read the text. So for example, you can include them in your posts, comments, private messages and more.

But there is more! In recent years, Facebook has incorporated new expressive functions that greatly expand the ability to communicate emotions and reactions . To illustrate this point, take a look at the following image:

Emojis and Marketing: everything you need to know

As you can see, emojis can be used both to react to the post and to react to a comment. Possible reactions are: I like it, I love it, It amazes me, it saddens me and it annoys me .

Ways you can use emojis on Facebook
Look at the following image. The arrow on the right shows you the icon that allows you to add an emoji to the text of your post . Thus, you just have to click and you can choose the gesture, object, etc. that best complements or reinforces the meaning of your publication.

Emojis and Marketing, the definitive alliance

On the other hand, the arrow on the left points to another possibility: to express how you feel or what you are doing to your audience. This can be very useful to express a personality trait of your brand, promote an activity, a product, etc.

E.g. you can share statuses like “I’m drinking Coca-Cola”, or “I feel motivated to go shopping”, and so on. accompanied by positive emojis. To use this feature, you need to click on the flagged icon in the post editor, as shown in the following screenshot:

How to take advantage of emojis and marketing

You will immediately see a series of options to express yourself unfold, ranging from emotions to activities . In the image below you can see this more clearly:

Emojis and marketing, everything a Community Manager should know

Finally, there is one more way emoji use Facebook: the stickers . These have the same function as emojis, but they are larger and more expressive images, B2B Phone List as you can see below. Furthermore, Facebook allows you to choose and download a wide variety of sticker styles .Why do emojis and marketing go hand in hand?Take advantage of them together with emojis and reactions to give more expression to the responses and comments of your business, and add a per

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