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Guerrilla marketing, develop their creativity. And I know one dental firm that does not advertise at all. And they always book a week in advance. Clients come only by referral. And no promotions, coupons, promotions, and, god forbid, flyers! This is an example of a business that uses only one advertisement – word of mouth. And it saves a lot on this, I think. Repeat sales small business usually has a limit geography. One city, town, or even city district. Therefore, it is desirable that people, having bought from you once, become regular customers.

For you, this is stability and confidence

Yes, and all readers of “Marketing Crypto Email List from the basics”, I think, already know that attracting a new client costs 3-4 times more than selling to someone who has already bought from you. This item is especially relevant for businesses selling goods or services of regular demand. Victory over competitors! Microbusinesses are easily copi and require few resources to enter the market. Therefore, competition is usually quite high. You can work at low prices, you can be attract by the breadth of the range or the spe of services. But all this is easy to repeat.

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But if you have built your entire

Business around your customers, it is not so B2b Phone List easy to reproduce, because these are not specific commodity items and not the conditions of the promotion. This is the principle of operation. The reputation of a business that truly cares about its customers is easy to acquire if you are systematic and consistent in your actions. Customer trust do you know how to monetize trust? If you approach the matter from a win-win position, that is, do not sell everything in a row, but advise the client what will help him solve his problem in the best way, then the buyer will be satisfi and you will earn more.

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