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Facebook Wanted to Create With Facebook Sports Stadium,

The influence of the other pilots seems less. At least from the point of view of these figures on digital, except for certain pilots. Benefiting from a very large audience such as. Fernando Alonso, double world champion, Felipe Massa. Who benefits from a lot of empathy with the fans, especially in Brazil. Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo. Sebastian. Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen consider that they do not need to have official accounts to be considered F1 stars, their track record and longevity speaking for them. Awards,th driver out of 22 most followed on Twitter in 2016, benefiting from a large audience in his country),

strength and consistency of the how to track a cell phone in colombia strategy, or seniority on the circuits appear as the main criteria for drivers and their management to succeed in attract and retain their community. Of course, other platforms come into play such as Vine, Snapchat or Instagram, like the French driver Esteban Ocon who has more than 60,000 subscribers on Instagram. The issue of interactions with fans is now understood by everyone (or almost), especially in the context of broadcasting F1 on pay channels, with the price of tickets on the circuits still very expensive, which does not help to bring the public and the pilots together.At the beginning of 2017, Liberty Media authorized F1 teams to publish videos on social networks. What concerns for the moment only the first session of winter tests in Barcelona, ​​could be, hopefully, extended.

It Allows Each User to Compete With Their Friends.

Through the sharing of information and content, between. Communication and promotion, social networks. Allow F1 to meet the fans, which is essential to reach. A complementary audience that spends less and less time in front of television. . Let’s quote the recent examples of Lewis. Hamilton and Nico Hulkenberg who launched.  A contest with their fans, the idea being to design their helmet.
“There are over 50 million daily Snapchat users in Europe and many are football fans,” said Ben Schwerin, Vice President of Partnerships at Snap Inc., in an official statement. “Neymar at Barça, David Alaba at Bayern, Hector Bellerin at Arsenal. Colombia Cell Phone Number

In addition to this initiative around personalized filters, professional football clubs like Manchester City have had at their disposal an exclusive pair of glasses designed for Snapchat and therefore allowing them to create content in “first person” mode for the platform, offering a unique and exclusive point of view to all of the club’s fans on the social network. Commenting on sports events on social networks has almost become a reflex for Internet users. Until today, Twitter is the platform on which they express themselves spontaneously, but Facebook wants to reverse the trend with “Facebook Sports Stadium”. Facebook has many subscribers and among them, more than 650 million are sports fans. The social network is the place where people express themselves about their private life and the subjects that interest them. In this sense,

A Space Dedicated to Discussions Around Sport and Improve.

the 2 nd screen experience during matches broadcast on television . Video player 00:00 00:48 “Facebook Sports Stadium” is a mobile application that allows live commentary on sports matches and access to targeted content related to them . The application is linked to the personal Facebook account and therefore allows you to chat with your friends. Thus the comments posted are visible to the community of the person using the application. It’s a way to watch a match with friends without being physically together. 4 tabs make up “Facebook Sports Stadium” , each has its specificity. The 1st lists the comments and publications of all friends using the application. In the 2nd , we find content generated by experts , that is to say journalists, athletes, leagues, clubs… The 3rd tab gives access to live scores, statistics, live monitoring … while the last lists information about the match including where to watch the game on TV.


“FYI, if you’re frustrated, you’re not that different from Steph. It’s a very difficult exercise which creates a lot of frustration in him,” said Steph Curry’s trainer, Brandon Payne. “But at the same time, when he’s frustrated, I know I’ve done a good job because he won’t stop until he beats the machine. And being able to frustrate that athlete gets harder and harder over time…”Thanks to Live , Internet users will be able to fully interact on the table football, it will be possible to multiply the number of balls, enlarge, shrink or move the goals, tilt the field, remove players, reverse the controls, or even the scores. , and all this during the course of the game. The first Grand Slam tournament, the Australian Open,

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