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Tweets from a person, or a hashtag. Why does this increase your traffic? Because you can join more conversations, connect with more interesting people, and find more great information. Do you want to learn the perfect social media traffic strategy to use these tools? A proven process to grow a social media audience and convert it into scalable traffic? Check out our eBook “ The Social Media Traffic Code !” traffic code 5.Twipi Are you following the follow and unfollow strategy on Twitter? Then you need a tool to get it right. It is almost impossible to follow this strategy without a tool to help you find accounts to follow and unfollow.

Tweepi is a good starting point to use: you can find account followers and follow them, you can find accounts that aren’t following you and unfollow them, etc. Tweepi has a free version which is enough to get started with this strategy. We used Tweepi for quite some time until we switched to number 6 on this list: ManageFlitter. Why does this increase your traffic? Because more targeted followers get you more Twitter traffic, if done right. 6. Manage Flitter Like Tweepi, ManageFlitter allows you to find accounts to follow and unfollow. The free version of ManageFlitter gives you good options to find people to unfollow people.

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Who send spam, who post in a language you don’t understand, whose account has been inactive for a while, etc. The following options for the free version are limited, but offer keyword search and the option to follow up to 50 accounts per day. If you want to start the follow and unfollow Slovenia whatsapp number list strategy with free tools: I recommend using ManageFlitter to unfollow as they have more options than Tweepi and using Tweepi to follow people. We switched to a paid ManageFlitter account after a while. Why does this increase your traffic? As with Tweepi, more targeted followers get you more traffic. More targeted followers give you more traffic. click to tweet 7.

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Surprisingly It amazingly provides “beautiful, mobile-friendly websites in minutes.” And it’s true: You can easily set up landing pages to test marketing assumptions, and if you don’t need a custom domain, it’s free. You can easily set up landing pages to test marketing assumptions click to tweet Why does this increase your traffic? Being able to test marketing assumptions or set up special landing pages for special occasions can give you valuable insights into customer behavior and allow you to easily optimize your marketing efforts. There are plenty of tools to increase your traffic.

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Which gives you great opportunities to increase your traffic.8.Zoho You need an email list. If you don’t already have one, consider building one (don’t buy one). Your subscribers are a valuable asset; they are your best audience and (hopefully) look forward to your next newsletter. If you’re just starting out and don’t have a huge list of subscribers yet, Zoho’s free plan allows you to send a total of 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers. That’s a good start. Why does this increase your traffic? Because with your newsletter you can keep people coming back and give them information that builds trust in you, your brand and their experience.

Hemingway If you’re like me, you speak English fluently, but it’s not as natural as your mother tongue. Spelling isn’t the problem, and spell checkers might take care of that anyway. No vocabulary, as my vocabulary is definitely good enough to write understandable blog posts. It’s that thing called style. My sentences tend to be too long, I use a lot of unnecessary descriptive words, whatever. The Hemmingway app allows me to simply paste my post and identifies these issues. It also rates the readability of my text and allows me to solve the most pressing problems. This results in better content that is shared more often, which translates to more traffic. Why does this increase your traffic?

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