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GetConver: A Tool to Convert Your Visits into Leads

Today we live one of these rapid pace of life that we regularly surrender doing something due to the fact we assume it’ll take too long. In addition, we’re so used to seeing the equal elements on all internet pages that oftentimes we don’t even note.This manner that many users of our website by no means fill out the lead magnet download shape .That is why the quicker and less difficult we make our website site visitors supply us their statistics, the extra conversions we are able to reap.And the better our conversion percent, the extra gain we can get from the visitors seize techniques .

This is wherein the notifications and popup of our internet site are available in.With these elements we manage to focus on the subscription forms , the downloads of our lead magnets and the unique offers so that each one users can see them.It is authentic that they’re often a bit invasive and unpleasant, however the information does now not lie to, it will increase conversions.

Also, if our price proposition is beneficial, it will do extra correct than harm to our site visitors.


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1 What is Convergent and what’s it for?
2 Types of notifications you could do with Convergent
3 How to create a lead capture popup with Convergent
four Convergent Price
five Did you locate this tool thrilling to increase your conversion of leads?

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What is Convergent and what’s it for
Convergent is a actually clean to apply lead capture tool.

But now not as it is straightforward and smooth to use, it’s miles a tool with few configuration options, we are able to make many sorts of notifications with many customization opportunities.

It is so comfortable and short to apply for 2 reasons:

Its preliminary configuration is the minimal possible. You just must give it a site and it gives you the script (pixel) to include at the internet. Without putting in any plugin.
Notifications are constructed from 24 templates. You simplest ought to trade a few factors so that it has the appearance of our logo and appears when and how we need it.

But Convergent now not best serves to popup with the subscription form or the typical “Don’t go away yet.”

It can also be used to add fixed notifications inclusive of the confirmation of cookies or to expose dynamic notifications together with the range of humans who have purchased a product.



Learn how to put it up for sale on the primary advertising channels and layout a income funnel little by little.

More than 25 classes and 10 hours of training definitely unfastened, plus access to distinct templates and bonuses.

Types of notifications you may do with GetConver
This lead seize device comes with 24 special popup templates and notifications that we are able to add in a couple of minutes.

These are:

Informative fixed bar.
Fixed bar with sensor.
Fixed bar for discounts.
Simple fixed bar with button.
Large modal pickup.
Giant catcher.
Call to motion.
Textual remarks.
Group of hyperlinks.
Informational message.
Promotional coupon.
Live go to counter.
Post collector.
Last conversion.
Conversion counter.
Share on social networks.
Random testimonials.
Surveys with emojis.
Cookie notification.
Numerical survey.
Lead Capture
Captured with countdown.


How to create a lead capture popup with Convergent
Next I am going to reveal you the way smooth and fast it is to create a notification with Convergent.

As an instance I am going to apply the “Lead Capture” notification to ask my internet site customers for his or her smartphone range and deliver them greater records about the faculty’s masters.

You will see how easy and fast it is:


1- Registration
The first element we have to do is sign in with Convergent.

For this we simplest have to fill in a small shape with our call and an e-mail.

Get commenced with convergent

When we fill it out, we can obtain an electronic mail to spark off the account.


2- Create marketing campaign
Once we have activated the account, we are able to log in, by doing so we enter the control panel . And we can click on new campaign:Increase the conversion of lead acquisition Then it will ask us for the name of the campaign and the area of the net where we want to add the notifications.When we fill it in, it will no longer deliver the pixel that we should encompass at the net:

Install convergent monitoring code
We reproduction the pixel and add it to the head of our website, we can do that with a plugin B2B Phone List  or in the customization of our subject matter if we use word press.This is the best element to do on the net, we are able to do the whole thing else on the tool’s web.Once the campaign is created, it will appear inside the manage panel:

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