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Find out how to use Linkedin. Facebook and twitter for your company newsletters.  A great lesson, taught by Lavoisier. Which we experience every day, in every sector. Daily bulletin, weekly editorial, supplementary story. They are editorial formats linked to the era of paper. Which probably evoke nostalgic feelings in many of us. Were they really lost. Or did they just transform. But have survived the changes of time, modifying their form. Finding out what clothes they wear today. To adapt to new technologies and needs will surprise you.

Why are newsletters essential for How to create

Are you also waiting for news of the day. Of the market or why not of your competitors’ initiatives. Today everything happens on email and via emails. The best-known editorial formats have survived precisely through newsletters. Emails that are sent to a list of subscribers to keep them updated. For some years now, newsletters have become. One of the most fundamental email list contents of digital marketing. They are used to maintain direct contact with your community. Stimulate it, inform it and pamper it. A study by mailup academy conducted in 2020 shows that in italy.

How to create a newsletter on linkedin How to create

Everything is very simple. It takes a few moments and 4 essential steps. At the top of the home page select the write an article option. Click on create newsletter. Add a title to your newsletter, a description of the contents. A publication cadence and a logo click finish . To subscribe to the newsletter through a notification. Once you have created the newsletter. You have the possibility to write one article a day. After publishing it, your contacts B2B Phone List  will receive notifications on the app and email . Under the published articles you can continue. To motivate your community and encourage them to read by mentioning. Your contacts in the comments  and asking specific questions. Don’t forget the specific hashtags that allow your newsletter to have greater. Visibility and make your content, your products. And your company known to an ever-increasing number of people.

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