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How to activate voice search on mobile and in Google Chrome or other browsers?

Do you want to activate voice search on your mobile or on your computer? Today I am going to show you the necessary steps to configure, both on Android and iOS devices and in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, the option to search using only your own voice.Currently, most us mobile no example browsers, mobile devices or smart assistants are capable of recognizing the voice of their owners and of obeying their requests, they only require some additional adjustments to start them up. Therefore, now we will see what voice search is and how to activate it.

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What is voice search?
On what kind of devices can they be activated?
How to activate voice search in Google?
Activate voice search in Chrome
Activate voice search in Firefox
How to activate voice search on a mobile?
Activate voice search on Android
Activate voice search on iPhone or iPad (iOS)
Disable “Ok Google” on Android
Disable “Ok Google” on iPhone
What is voice search?
The voice search , can be defined as one of the ways that has a search engine to interact with the user and vice versa. In addition, this is a function that some operating systems or programs have, which allows them to receive and interpret commands through verbal commands.

In this specific case, their main utility is to be able to search for information over the internet using our voice, that is, they are specifically designed to replace the traditional search by text .

The reasons why this system is very useful today can be several. But, it mainly highlights the convenience and immediacy that it offers us and the benefits for accessibility to information for people with limited visual or motor skills.

Voice search is something that became very popular thanks to the Smartphone, and that, although it began as a somewhat archaic and not very agile system, nowadays it is so advanced that it is already a basic function for any mobile device, web browser or search engine that boasts of being savant-grade.

Voice assistants make Internet searches so much easier that every day more users are opting to enjoy this option. Which is very interesting and presents new challenges related to SEO positioning and the operation of new search algorithms .

On what kind of devices can they be activated?
This technology has existed for much more than a decade, but it is in recent years that smart assistants and mobile phones have popularized it .

On the other hand, it is also used in laptops and desktops. Although in them it is a slightly more secondary function, because the keyboard and the B2B Phone List mouse are still (for now) the most used means by the different users of these terminals.With the rise of artificial intelligence , and the ever-increasing number of types of voice assistants, the future of verbal command search and assist is promising and has no sign of retreating.


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