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How to calculate the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of your business

Calculating productivity helps us to know what our weaknesses are. And this information is key to implement improvement plans that help us to better manage time. australia phone directory search by number Time is the scarcest and most valuable resource we have. And, as such, we must take care of it and manage it in the best possible way. Which happens to apply maximum performance.

But what are the productivity formulas that we can use to make this calculation? We will talk about them below.

3 Productivity formulas to evaluate the performance of your business via @MadridNY

Productivity at work: How is it calculated?
The truth is that, in addition to other options such as the brainstorming technique to work better as a team, there are different productivity formulas that can be used to calculate this index in a business, as well as to measure effectiveness and efficiency.

They are all focused on the same goal; detect those points where it could be improved to increase the productivity of the people who work in it.

There are many aspects involved here, for example breaks, training, motivation, positive communication, well-being, happiness, flexible schedules …

The productivity index will help us to know what action to take based on some results to favor the previous elements. But before we move on to looking at the formulas to calculate it, let’s see what exactly productivity, efficiency and effectiveness are.

Productivity: It is the relationship between the result obtained and the resources invested in the process. For example, if we talk about personal productivity, what we will have to analyze is the results of a professional based on the hours they have dedicated to a job.

Efficiency: It is said that a person is efficient when he uses a minimum of resources to
B2B Phone List achieve a goal. In the case of producing something, it is the same. The process would be efficient if the minimum possible resources are used.

Effectiveness: For its part, effectiveness refers to the ability to achieve something without taking into account the use of available resources. Let’s move on to see the formulas.


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