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How to Customize Your Instagram Highlights: Strategies + Tools

Do you use the ” Instagram Highlights “? These are the famous “Outstanding Stories”. Do you want to organize your Instagram content and make it always visible to your followers ? So highlights are the best resource. In fact, they work like a Menu .Let’s look at this example united kingdom phone directory online from a Spanish toy store.The Instagram Stories Featured have a name that describes and an image. That image is the cover. Do you think these Highlights are attractive and clear enough about the content of what the person who clicks on some of them will find there?

Customizing the covers of your Instagram Highlights seems a little minor, but it is essential to generate style and brand coherence . Also to avoid confusion for your followers and optimize their use of them. Therefore, this article is dedicated to showing you how to customize them and through what strategies / tools. Let’s get started!

What are the characteristics of Instagram Highlights?
Before customizing, you have to know what the characteristics of this resource are. You already know that a story lasts 24 hours. When you highlight a story, it will no longer be available for just 24 hours but for as long as you want and you can assign it a name.

But, pay attention! That name cannot be longer than 15 characters. Even if you want your followers to see the full name, you should shorten it to approximately 10.


As you can see in this example, the Storie “Vintage S…” has these little dots because the name is displayed like this when it is 15 characters long. The recommendation is that you can match it with the extension that makes it possible to see the full name of the Story.

What about the cover? In this case, Instagram defaults to the image of the first Featured Story. This is not recommended at all for several reasons: Is it really outstanding? Does it continue with the style of the brand? Does it organize or confuse?

We have taken this example from an article on the Social Media Examiner blog . As they themselves indicate there, these highlights are lost in the profile. They do not stand out or attract attention. Nor do they generate a brand identity.

Instead, the example that follows is much closer to what we should achieve with Instagram Highlights. It is the profile of a professional photographer.

Short, simple names. The same color on each cover and the same style, which matches the personal brand. This is what to think about when we want to personalize our Featured Stories. Let’s look at one more example.

Take a good look at this profile. The covers match the style of the brand. Why? In the first place, because it is a small company that manufactures ceramic products with a very particular aesthetic. That same aesthetic is represented in every Story.

Some Highlights have to do with the manufacturing process and others with the photos of the products. Of course, a few adjustments could be made to make them even better organized. But the idea of ​​placing a name icon seems to be successful in a brand like this.

Usually it is necessary to add the name, but it will always depend on the brand and also on B2B Phone List the type of product. Everything artistic has greater permission around creative flight.

Now yes. Let’s see how to design your covers and customize your featured stories! Design Attractive Covers for your Featured Instagram Stories
You can create similar covers respecting the same elements (such as color, typography, image, icon, logo, etc.), or use different covers but adding a common element.In the example below, the covers are the same and match the color of the profile logo .In this other example, the covers respect the same background color, but the image changes .






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