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How to find suitable influencers for your brand?

The development of influencer marketing is a task that has gained popularity over time, today it is estimated that the value of this activity will reach 10 billion dollars, according to figures presented by Social Media Today, with a promise that by For every dollar invested in them, brands can receive up to $ 6.50 in return. Being effective in the development Namibia Mobile Database of this activity begins with knowing which is the most appropriate influencer for the brand, since from this it is easier to solve the current challenges that the activity presents. Current Challenges of Influencer Marketing With the advance of time, influencer marketing has become an effective and more challenging task at the same time, at present, as defined by Forbes, the main difficulties of those who decide to start this activity are: Namibia Mobile Database

Currently 66 percent of marketers report that determining the return on investment of influencer marketing actions is the main challenge they face in 2018. The main problem is in identifying the appropriate methods to measure the impact generated by the actions performed by the influencers. The adjustments implemented by the main social networks impose new barriers that in many cases limit the organic results that influencers can generate. Although the main impact is for these individuals, the content they develop in collaboration with brands may also be affected as it is part of the publications they share on these channels. As detailed by Forbes, a sizeable percentage of marketers run more than five influencer marketing programs per year (for each brand), which can be time-consuming. In fact, 50% of marketers estimate they spend more than 25 hours managing each program while 25% spend more than 50 hours managing each program. As a result, the challenge is to reduce the amount of time it takes to manage influencer programs in 2018.

Proliferation of followers and phallus influencers Finally, unfortunately for brands and influencers today, multiple platforms have emerged that allow to inflate accounts with bots to create fake influencers that seek to take advantage of brands. The proliferation of these accounts is a major challenge to which we must pay attention as falling into a Brother Cell Phone List deception is a waste of time and money. Overcoming the above challenges is essential if you want results with influencer marketing, therefore, below we leave you with some recommendations to find influencers that serve your business, having the right influencer will ensure a good return on investment, better manage the activities to reduce the time invested, and of course, not fall into the hands of an individual (false influencer) who seeks to take advantage of the brand.

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