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Russia has begun to incorporate the application of modern technology into its civil law and contract practice. For example, Russian law allows parties to enter into contracts by exchanging electronic malaysian phone numbers directory documents by email or other means. However, in some cases, it may be advisable to create a separate physical document that establishes the legal basis for subsequent electronic communications. (Some verification keys may require certification from the Russian communications authority.)

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Notarized documents can be submitted electronically, and state company registrations can be accessed online. Still, in some ways, Russia remains a traditionally bound market in which physical documents, seals and stamps are essential. While Russian courts have also joined the digital revolution — for example, some hearings and rulings are now accessible online malaysian phone numbers directory — they are more traditional in evidentiary matters. They will also facilitate due diligence as potential buyers can verify all previous stock transactions. These issues require further attention from Russian officials, IT developers, lawyers and other market players.

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Since then, however, the general boom in market lenders has cooled. Earlier this year, a series of scandals came to light, most notably LendingClub. It turned out that the CEO and his family were actually buying up loans originated by LendingClub as a means of supporting the company’s malaysian phone numbers directory perceived market performance. It also came to light that LendingClub unethically tampered with documents to drive the sale of certain loans. Timid investors pulled out of market lenders, disappointing yields and significant reductions followed as investments dried up.

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