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You want to learn as much as possible about these conversations so you can be a well-informed candidate and make the best possible impression, ” she said dress decently make sure you dress to be successful! Since first impressions are still important in the virtual world, you need to make sure you look professional.“ you should dress like you are going to an interview because that is your first impression of your employer, ” cruz-vigara said be prepared think of a virtual job fair as an on-site job fair and be ready to market yourself.

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This means updating your resume, learning what you want to express new database about your experience and skills, and practicing your elevator pitch.“ you should also familiarize yourself with the companies you are interested in and be prepared to ask them questions. This will show that you are truly interested in this opportunity and what they have to offer, ” said follow-up like a live job fair, you should follow up with the recruiter you spoke to after the event.

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Send personalized emails or contact them through.“ this is your chance to stand out from other candidates. You want to thank them for taking the time to reiterate your interest B2B Phone List in the company and the position, and include anything else that you did not have the opportunity to mention during the show, ” said how to prepare for a virtual recruitment crisis adapting to the requirements and abilities of job seekers is crucial.

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