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Accessible for your colleagues to get started with the tool. Do you see it as a text written by ChatGPT? If everyone uses ChatGPT, wouldn’t texts all have the same tone? Don’t worry, Kim’s published texts were not recognized as ChatGPT texts. There was no one who thought that the lyrics were different than usual. Kim had done a strict final editing. So they were not taken over blindly. Can you use ChatGPT as an information source? ChatGPT gets its information from a lot of different data, but the AI ​​function cannot yet investigate what is right or wrong.

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The internet, which makes the Holding, Investment Offices Email List reliability  of ChatGPT even more debatable. In addition, it can only use resources up to the year 2021. It is therefore advisable not to use ChatGPT fully as an information source yet. However, you can also give the language robot a helping hand in this regard. Ask questions about something you want to know and you will probably get an answer faster than if you looked it up yourself via Google. But always double check this. Can you use ChatGPT for SEO? You can research popular keywords via ChatGPT. You can also use the bot to observe competitors.

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They use and how they write. You can learn B2b Phone List from that yourself. But letting ChatGPT do your entire SEO is not (yet) an option. More tips for using ChatGPT for SEO can be found in this article . Is there a future for marketing strategists with ChatGPT? The AI ​​tool is a handy tool that can help you as a critical sparring partner. Let the bot give you inspiration, or sharpen your texts. You can outsource the simple tasks that you, as a marketing strategist, often secretly do not like, to the robot. This brings even more focus on the creative and human factors. And that will only make work more fun in the future.

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