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Influencers like Nil Ojeda or Paula Gonu enter the potato chip segment

Vizz and Wanna Freak team up to launch a series of fries created by internet talents
The youtuber Nil Ojeda and the instagramer Paula Gonu are the first influencers to launch a flavor The talent agency Vizz is aware that influencer marketing continues to drive consumers and brands. For this reason, it has embarked on this project with Wanna Freak -the largest traditional mobile canada number potato manufacturer in Europe- to launch the first brand of potato chips created by Spanish influencers on the market. Nil Ojeda has created a cheese-onion flavor
The first ambassadors for this project are Nil Ojeda, one of the best known youtubers in Spain, with more than 4 million followers; and Paula Gonu, influencer with 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

The first installment of this exclusive product will be the potatoes created by youtuber Ojeda: finely cut and with a cheese-onion flavor. Along with him, the snack created by Paula Gonu will also be launched, although hers will be medium cut and flavored with pink Himalayan salt.

Over the next few months, the agency Vizz has announced that more talents will be joining this series of exclusive potato chip releases.

A quality product for a limited time

The Wanna Freak brand was born a year ago with the aim of creating potato chips that connect with a young audience through an innovative proposal: a quality product, an alternative packaging to the one on the supermarket shelf and a sales model based on exclusivity and limited editions.

The project, developed by the brand and the content creators, seeks to connect with the values ​​of the talents and their followers through products with natural ingredients, without enhancers and a 100% recyclable bag. In addition, they are suitable for celiacs as they are made without gluten.


Transforming hate into love, Vitalinea’s goal in his new campaign

The Citroën camera that protects in the event of an accident and that looks for influencers
The french fries of the influencers Nil and Paula will be on sale from June 17 and only for two weeks in Carrefour, Carrefour Market and Supersol establishments throughout Spain.

LABELS “Influencers like Nil Ojeda or Paula Gonu enter the potato chip segment”
Finish and National Geographic want to raise awareness about the water shortage in Spain
The power of fandom, the segmented and committed object of desire of brands
The Estrella Damm 2021 ad is here: “Love at first sight”

IFEMA MADRID and Mediabrands Content Studio create La Pasarela, a space for the new era of events
La Pasarela is presented as an ally to promote the digital transformation of companies
The space has a capacity of 600 people and offers four models of technological solutions

06/17/2021 · 14:05
The events industry is one of the industries that has experienced the greatest transformations as a result of the impact of the pandemic. The months of inactivity during the health emergency have driven the redefinition from the digital perspective, giving rise to encounters that, given the current consumption and entertainment habits, are approached with a strong virtual component without forgetting the connection power of the face-to-face environment.

In this context of change, IFEMA MADRID has launched the creation of the first hyper-connected space in our country in the sector of fairs and congresses. Under the name “La Pasarela, Espacio Conectado” and located in the city of Madrid, it is a space designed to contribute to the digital transformation of the industry and promote business reactivation opportunities.

The space offers solutions for holding virtual and hybrid events
The creation of La Pasarela has been carried out in collaboration with Mediabrands Content Studio (MBCS), the IPG Mediabrands line specialized in content experiences, and PRG, a strategic provider of innovative equipment for events, such as the Superbowl or Eurovision. The result of the joint work is a space that seeks to offer new solutions for holding virtual and hybrid events and supporting business models that strategically combine online and physical ecosystems.

In this way, it is presented as an ally for companies in order to generate more activity, expand to new markets and expand their billing capacity. “With this innovative proposal, we expand the natural objective of the institution, which is to help companies in revitalizing their B2B Phone List activity by providing new business opportunities,” said Eduardo López-Puertas, General Director of IFEMA MADRID. “With the creation of this great Digital Set, we are taking a great leap, opening up our collaboration and service capabilities to the digital field, at a key moment in the transformation of the business world.”

Panoramic, Integrated and Immersive

The catwalk

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