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Innovation is keeping up to date, what happened yesterday is obsolete: Helados Danesa 33

Staying at the forefront is practically being in the day to day within the digital field as far as marketing is concerned, in such a way that innovation transits in an extremely short period of time. Within the 2018 National Digital Marketing Congress , organized by Merca2.0 , Erik Vega Viveros , creator Austria Mobile Database of the Danesa 33 ice cream strategy, specified that the innovation is less durable, since its validity is less and less, therefore that the challenge is to keep up. “What you know today is innovative, tomorrow may be obsolete,” said Viveros; Likewise, the strategist pointed out that the different tools with which strategies can be developed will continue to lead the trends. Austria Mobile Database

From video marketing, the use of micro influencers , voice marketing tools , among other mechanisms, are ways in which the digital community can be approached and in this way build a relationship with users. However, the evolution in this territory leads to be one step further, it is Phygital Marketing , whose purpose is to unite the activities that are done and interact with daily life taking advantage of digital virtues. In addition to the above, the differentiating agent of every marketing campaign and process is creativity, Erik Vega , explained that the challenge is to combine all the available tools to meet the needs and demands of digital consumers.

Other factors that the strategist of Danesa 33 highlighted are the trends in advertising that will give something to talk about in digital media: the humanization of technology, focusing the message and being part of an agent of social change. In the first parameter, connecting the people Brother Cell Phone List behind a device, not as such selling a product with specific characteristics, but how the products serve as people, how to make the lives of consumers better. In addition, the challenge is to touch the human fibers through technology, as well as to reinforce the message, something that positions the brand in the mind of the consumer. Meanwhile, promoting social change is key especially in a market dominated by the Millennial generation, which gives great importance to this aspect.

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