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Instagram will change the design of your profile and add new elements

There is no doubt that Instagram has become the favorite social app of many people, mainly younger users, its visual format and the adhesion of playful functions (taken from Snapchat) make it an ideal setting to share almost any type of contents. Its growth has become a lifeline for Facebook in times when the Menlo Park company is not going through Croatia Mobile Database its best moment in terms of corporate reputation and user trust. The impact of hacks, the proliferation of fake news and the remnants of Cambridge Analytica , has been of such magnitude that even Mark Zuckerberg himself had to come out to curb speculation as to whether he or the director of operations of the social network, Sheryl Sandberg would resign from their positions. Croatia Mobile Database

The photo and video app already exceeds one billion monthly active users and is growing faster than Facebook itself; added 300 million users in the last year, while FB grew 228 million. Factors like that the social network co-founded by Zuckerberg is losing much interest from young adults and adolescents, totally the opposite that happens with Instagram, which is very popular among young audiences; 40 percent of its users are between 18 and 24 years old, according to Statista data. If this trend continues and Instagram keeps pace, in a year or two it could surpass Facebook in user base. More so, as well as in profitability and attractiveness for brands.

Perhaps that is why the company led by Zuckerberg has bet heavily on turning Instagram into a perfect setting for brands -something that even motivated the departure of its founders-, although in some way it has tried to tablecloth and even improve the user experience. Now the social network announced that it is working on a new update for the platform’s interface that, among other changes, will result in a redesign of user Brother Cell Phone List profiles. According to the firm, the purpose is to make its application easier and clearer when navigating. In this way they will change the position of the profile photo, remove some icons to leave them only as text and, in return, they will add new action buttons (Follow, Messages, write an email, find addresses or start a reservation). The objective would be to improve the user experience and stimulate greater activity by subscribers, something that could indirectly benefit those profiles that are brands; A change that could be beneficial after the actions recently announced by Instagram, to eliminate false profiles and their ‘Likes’, something will subtract metrics from many accounts.

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