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Internet or points of sale, where is the consumer informed about the Good End promotions?

Over the past few years, particularly from 2010 to the present, global purchasing has seen a clear shift in focus. Both commercially and through the most widely used means, it seems that the acquisition of products, services and goods is directed towards innovation, analysis and strategies. In addition, the value that is given to the acquisition Lithuania Mobile Database requires another type of analysis that must be worked with importance. For example, it is easier and more practical for many to make digital purchases than to go to points of sale in physical spaces. This is where the importance of commercial events such as Buen Fin, in Mexico, stands out. Undoubtedly, since its first edition in 2011, it has been presented as a challenge for shops, banks and associations that join the commercial cause. Lithuania Mobile Database

Good End in Mexico as an axis of commercial participation
El Buen Fin in Mexico was created to improve the shopping experience, encourage different forms of payment by the consumer, make and execute promotion and discount strategies, highlight sales and develop different areas of opportunity around consumption. The truth is that, based on purchases and short-term savings, it worked to project growth Brother Cell Phone List in periods of business uncertainty. In that sense, acquisitions played a fundamental role in increasing consumer participation with different sectors and industries. In addition, in a way, it also promoted cost reduction, even improved quality purchases, supplier service, the business model in different ways, such as customer orientation and digital leadership, where many of the businesses started. to turn to see on digital channels to get closer to consumers.

Generating a significant impact is essential. An unfortunate factor that directly affects the way in which consumers participate are the digital pages of businesses, social networks and their surroundings. It is a fact that consumers are beginning to show greater confidence in the convenience offered by online sales. And that was reflected in the last edition of Buen Fin, where sales by this means registered an increase of 43 percent compared to the previous edition (2016), with income of up to 2.484 million pesos. With this, it was shown that tactics with differentiating elements to promote openness to other forms of purchase and payment worked. According to Deloitte, 56 percent of shoppers used a debit card, being the most widely used form of payment during the event. Tiendeo also reported a 93 percent increase in visits to its website, which shows a consumer much more interested in researching their purchases. One of the most significant opportunities for businesses and their influence with consumers is to have greater digital leadership. In fact, this has been reflected in recent editions.

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