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Talk about new books you listen to while standing in traffic jams – this is interesting and will attract more loyal readers to you who will easily become customers. Write easily, interestingly, usefully. Initiate discussions, support them . But facebook, unlike linkin, is a social network for personal communication, which means that it would be nice to show your real life, what it consists of. And it consists of victories and defeats, walks with children and visits to interesting events. Share them boldly, it will increase your value both as an expert and as a person. 17. Yes, people want to know about your family.

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Popular among different categories India Car Owner Phone Number List of car enthusiasts, show them that you are passionate about not only your car. That you have a family, hobbies! Whether or not to publish photos of children, everyone decides for himself. I recommend taking ‘friends-only’ family photos , this will allow you to be more careful about the list of people you add, but will also increase your cribility and level of emotional involvement with your personal brand. Love your job and your family. Respect your readers. Think what you say and say what you think. In my opinion, these are the foundations of personal brand success.

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Do you use to promote your services B2b Phone List in this popular social network?How to work with the yandex advertising network may 20, 2016 internet marketing , website promotion , advertising if you are a project owner, entrepreneur or marketer, you really want contextual advertising to work 200 percent, and as many potential customers as possible see your ad. Yandex, in addition to search, provides the ability to display advertising banners on other sites. This is what the contextual advertising specialist nadezhda rayushkina will tell you about. Everyone knows about contextual advertising.

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