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So, one might ask, in light of this, where does usa consumer email database free download the government think people save their money? In fact, wouldn’t it be better for them to just reduce their debt levels? Maybe it’s not policy, as banks are likely to lose money if debt is reduced. Also, when one looks back at the economic statements, it seems that our economy relies heavily on retail sales. In fact, as I said – based on people going shopping and spending money they don’t have. In fact, many people have credit card debt with interest as high as 17%. We are now in a situation where car ads no longer include the purchase price, only the monthly cost of leasing or hire-purchase. This has resulted in many people paying more for their car each month than for their mortgage, with even less or no disposable income.

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Sky TV, gym memberships, barista usa consumer email database free download coffee, 40-inch TVs and pub excursions are more popular than ISA. Surveys that ask whether the public likes or trusts financial advisors are also questionable. How many of these respondents actually had access to advisors and had the funds to participate? Too many people just usa consumer email database free download repeat the tabloid views without actually having any first-hand experience themselves. When those who had actually experienced a consultant were carefully studied, a completely different picture emerged, with more usa consumer email database free download than 90% expressing satisfaction. As always – what value investigation? We are told that the auto-suggestion model will follow exactly the same high regulatory standards as other forms of advice

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In my opinion, this all goes against the usa consumer email database free download principles of RDR. It’s not the first time I’ve wondered why regulators should bother in the first place.  There is of course another aspect to this. Once those “do-it-yourself” people screwed up, they would (as history has shown) run over to a qualified IFA to learn about it and unravel  usa consumer email database free download it all, expecting a level of service that has so far been conspicuously lacking. They will be able to engage and have an informed discussion, which Robo suggests obviously does not have. “What impact will Trump’s tax review have on US investments?” “Do you think I should avoid the UK because of Brexit?” Of course don’t forget that if something goes wrong, they will always have someone to blame!

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