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Labor disagreement made public complaint in networks: the case of the community manager of Vive Latino

One of the most important members – and with a popularity proportional to the growth of social networks – is the Community Manager . His role is better known than that of a digital director because he is the one who executes the strategy on the platforms and many times the protagonist Malta Mobile Database of viralized errors. Despite the fact that their work is arduous, according to the “Study of Salaries and Salaries 2018” , developed by the Merca2.0 Research Department , the Senior Community Manager has a minimum salary of 8 thousand pesos ; average of 12 thousand 985 pesos and maximum of 25 thousand pesos. Malta Mobile Database

The salary is one of the nonconformities of many professionals, including the CM; however, the work environment or benefits can also be a driver of work disagreements . They know perfectly the power of social networks, so some instead of expressing their complaints in the Human Resources department or with their direct boss, they do it with a view to affecting the brand, through the official accounts that they drive. This could be the case of the community manager of Vive Latino , who yesterday commented the following on social networks: This, obeying the trend that arose a few days ago on the poster of Brother Cell Phone List the next festival, because by integrating Intocable, the controversy around the quality of the event was unleashed. Shortly afterwards, they deleted the tweet, but Twitter users had already taken a capture as a witness to what happened and did not take long to spread it. In fact, today, the CM made another post with the caption:

This could be a clear complaint about your employment situation, although some have pointed to the fact as a strategy to draw attention to the account. Both ways are feasible, because let’s remember cases like Alsea’s, which was in dilemmas after the Community manager decided to send a message through the same route as that of Vive Latino. The restaurant chain PF Chang’s México joined the long list of brands with controversial community managers. The account launched a series of tweets with offensive messages against Alsea and, apparently, also against a digital agency, specifically placing “Adriana de Nativo”.

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