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Mango designs new gowns for the patients of the Catalan Institute of Oncology

The garments are intended to provide greater comfort and facilitate freedom of movement
The initiative is part of the brand’s commitment to the fight against cancer

06/11/2021 · 09:34
The involvement of brands with issues of social relevance is a trend that has been accentuated since the beginning of the pandemic, at which time their collaboration with other institutions, whether public or private, buy mobile uae was decisive for the management of the health emergency. Far from departing from this trend as the situation evolves, companies continue to bet on reinforcing their commitments to citizens.

In this context, the fashion firm Mango has announced that, in its desire to contribute to the fight against cancer, it has joined forces with those of the Catalan Institute of Oncology to create a new design for gowns for hospitalized patients. . Thus, the design and pattern team of the textile company has put its knowledge and experience at the service of the entity to improve the design of the garments.

In this way, patients admitted or who come to the center for tests will be able to wear the new gowns, the back of which, which until now was uncovered, has been secured and replaced by a new side. This will provide greater comfort to those who wear them during their hospital stay, since it facilitates freedom of movement between the different healthcare spaces and avoids the need to wear other garments.

As the ICO itself has shared, the fabric chosen by Mango is comfortable, respects the privacy of the patient and is complemented by a functional pocket that features the institution’s logo. ” We are very excited about this initiative, since we trust that this new gown will make the patients’ stay a little more comfortable, ” said Guillermo Corominas, Director of Institutional Relations of the fashion brand regarding the first collaboration of the company with the ICO.

“This is another example of the continuous improvement of the quality and warmth of the services we offer”
For its part, the ICO highlights the importance of establishing collaborative relationships and synergies with other institutions to promote the well-being of patients. ” This is another example of the continuous improvement of the quality and warmth of the services we offer at the Catalan Institute of Oncology and which shows, once again, that the patient is at the center of the decisions made in our institution ”, Candela Calle, General Director of the institute, has commented.

The design of these gowns is not the only sign of Mango’s purpose in the fight against cancer. Last April, the Barcelona firm launched its first collection of underwear and swimwear for women with only one breast . The initiative, which responded to the challenge launched by the teta & teta collective to create a version of Lola, the first single cup bra, tries to meet the needs of women who have had to face a mastectomy and have decided not to use prostheses. The profits from the sales of this collection go entirely to the collective.

Mango collection for single-breasted women

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Carrefour joins Lola Market to offer personal shopper services for online purchases
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06/11/2021 · 09:32
In 2017, Glovo announced that it would have its own supermarket – SuperGlovo-, following in the footsteps of Amazon and getting fully into the business of large food stores .



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