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Marketing Strategy for Attracting New Customers.

Quick Definition If we had to give a concrete and quick. Definition of Inbound marketing , we would say that it is a marketing. Strategy that seeks to attract the customer to oneself. Rather than going to him (method used with the outbound marketing). The Inbound digital strategy is essentially based on a premise: you have. Therefore ,To give yourself the means to be your own media to attract the customer. Therefore ,It is essentially based on the methods to be. Adopted to move forward on the customer conversion tunnel. visitor, prospect, customer, ambassador The stages of inbound marketing The Inbound marketing strategy is essentially based. On the conversion tunnel which aims to put in place the. Therefore , appropriate actions to bring the customer to you. There are 5 key steps in Inbound marketing; The unknown : this is the starting point of the Inbound marketing strategy .

At this stage, it’s about creating uk telephone database and becoming your own media to increase your notoriety and visibility on the net. The visitor : the objective of this step is to identify the visitor and obtain his contact details. The prospect : at this stage, the purpose of the action is to provide useful information to the visitor and to accompany him in his buying process for a possible sale. It’s about converting him into a customer. The customer : the prospect has made his first purchase and therefore becomes a customer. The goal is to retain him . It is a question of leading him to become a promoter of the brand. The ambassador : the loyal customer will talk about the brand and will promote it. 4 Key Phases to Implement an Inbound Marketing Strategy To have results, the Inbound marketing strategy must be able to respect certain rules.

What Exactly Is It?

1- Get found and drive traffic Visibility is the key to a successful inbound marketing strategy. Targets need to find us and we also need to drive traffic to our website. This is possible by: Writing quality content on your blog Producing and promoting video Determining the right keywords to position according to the targets Optimizing content with SEO. Posting content on social media 2. Generate qualified leads One of the objectives of Inbound marketing is to be able to generate what are called qualified leads, namely contacts with people interested.


with at the end of contact forms, specific home pages according to your target. We can also count the collection of a maximum. Of information on our targets thanks to the possibility of. Downloading white papers, an infographic, an e-book etc. Convert your prospects into customers Once you’ve. Collected their contact information and your. Valuable information, all you have to do is move on to the third phase of inbound marketing. Converting your prospect into a customer. For this, it will be necessary to respect 2 main phases: the one where the customer is in full maturation and we can send him e-mailings with targeted offers. The one where we can launch more effective actions when the customer is mature with telephone contacts. 4 – Retain your acquired customers Ambassadors are your best spokespersons.

If It Is Positioned in All the Digital Recommendations,

Loyal customers, they can talk enthusiastically about your products, promote them in all sincerity. This is an important step in inbound marketing . In terms of action, you will have to offer them additional offers and lead them to increase your notoriety. Therefore ,When you implement an inbound marketing strategy , what you need to keep in mind is that you want to create a real relationship with your prospects. You must opt ​​for non-intrusive levers and choose personalized marketing actions. The goal of the Inbound marketing strategy can be summed up in 3 points: Inform visitors about the nature of your activity Demonstrate your expertise Make your prospects want to join you by creating a strong brand universe. Do you want to define your digital strategy but you don’t know where to start?

Contact us for a first free interview during which we can advise you on your current project and give you some ideas for the development of your digital strategy.The digital company told from the inside #4 Benjamin Franklin said that you are never too old to learn… In these times of teleworking, let’s take advantage of these moments to learn new things. The digital company told from the inside #4 Let’s take advantage of this period to continue to learn Benjamin Franklin said that you are never too old to learn… In these times of teleworking, let’s take advantage of these moments to learn new things. Internet has this magic something that we can have continuous and unlimited

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