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Mega Guide to create a funnel or conversion funnel that does convert

A funnel or conversion funnel is the methodology we use to define and plan the steps that a user has to take to meet one or more objectives. As a result of the success us phone database of my automation guide, I have decided to launch another guide to talk about what a funnel or conversion funnel is, but above all to share my experience in recent years creating funnels that do convert. I’ve always said that if I re-launched my blog, the first thing I would do would be to capture leads and the second thing I would do would be create funnels. Both strategies have allowed me to reach more people and increase my conversions.

Are you ready to dive into the fantastic world of funnels?I will start with the basics but then I will show you real examples of funnels that you can apply to your business and I will show you how you can measure the results of your funnels. A funnel or conversion funnel is the methodology we use to define and plan the steps that a user has to take to meet one or more objectives.

use funnels for different reasons, but the most important thing is that you know that a funnel is synonymous with planning and conversions. Here are other reasons why you should use a funnel with your business: You reduce the number of steps a user takes to become a lead or customer, which means that you will get results quickly.
You turn your website into a conversion machine because you optimize everything and generate funnels for recruitment and online sales.
You only communicate with users who are interested (qualified) and put mass marketing aside.
You can offer exclusive offers and discounts for users who are interested in your product or service.
You optimize the investment you make in content, public relations, paid advertising and Email Marketing.
With funnels we can better understand the needs of our customers and cultivate our relationship with them in a more effective and personalized way.
Are funnels only for professionals or do they also work for companies?
It is true that many professionals like me (bloggers and entrepreneurs) have used funnels for years and perhaps that is why it seems that this technique is only for professionals; but actually the funnels or conversion funnels are for any type of business:

:With an events company we design and implement funnels to enhance and automate the sales of a face-to-face event aimed at executives. Some funnels were connected to the Call Center to close sales of qualified leads.
With a health client we design funnels to convert social media fans into affiliates.
With professionals who sell services and online courses we have designed funnels to launch products or services and to sell on automatic pilot.
With a Real-State company in the United States, we design funnels to convert in-person event attendees into customers of a digital product and to sell online courses automatically and with webinars.
The reality is that funnels are for any type of professional or business that wants to turn more into digital media. Mini dictionary of terms related to funnels
In the next sections of this article I will mention some terms related to funnels, and first I want to go over these concepts with you.

We use this term to determine at what point in our funnel we will offer an exclusive offer to our clients.
Bump – is an additional offer that is included in the payment page in a highlighted way to get more income. Example: If I sell you my Facebook Ads course B2B Phone List for $ 100, I can add a BUMP from my automation course for $ 75 more. You would pay $ 175 instead of $ 247. These types of offers are great to get more income. We implement it in some products and get 15% -30% of customers to buy the bump to take advantage of the offer.
Sales Page – is the landing page through which we present our sales pitch. BEWARE, this is NOT the one to pay, it is the previous page.
The up selling or additional sales is a marketing and sales

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